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Default Rony Seikaly - International DJ

Thumping beats and throngs of sweaty bodies bouncing up - 07.08.13 - SI Vault

In January 1992, two months after Magic Johnson announced he had HIV and was retiring from the NBA, there was an outcry from players who objected to Johnson's participating in the February All-Star Game, partly because they feared infection. Seikaly had watched his cousin Robby die from AIDS in '86 after a tainted blood transfusion, and so he was, in his words, "a little more astute about how you get it." More than that: "I wanted Magic to feel he was one of us. Just because he was infected didn't mean he wasn't a human being."

So roughly an hour before a Heat-Lakers game at L.A.'s Great Western Forum, Seikaly approached Johnson—who was shooting to keep in shape—and challenged him to a game of one-on-one. "I'm not going to back down," Seikaly told him. "I'm not going to take it easy on you." The pair played for 30 full-throttle minutes as fans and teammates watched, and a month later a grateful Johnson was named the All-Star Game's MVP.

Seikaly's musical tastes were similarly ahead of their time. As a 14-year-old in Athens, he was unable to get into the clubs that played the dance music that he craved—he was deeply influenced early on by disco acts such as Barry White and Chic—so he installed himself as a deejay in his parents' garage. There he charged a $5 entry fee to friends and to the opposing players who came to town to face his school, ACS Athens. With the revenue from these 25- to 30-person shows he continually upgraded the lights and, more important, the sound system in what he came to call Disco 17, named after his street address.

By the time Seikaly reached the NBA, he had moved on to house music, which originated in underground clubs in Chicago and was ascending in Europe. But hip-hop still reigned in the U.S., particularly in the league's locker rooms. Seikaly recalls teammates tilting their heads at the thumps emanating from his car. Oh, Seik, you're still listening to this bull----?
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Ex-Wife being caught by Rony coming out of the washroom topless. All in good fun.

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Ronny Seikaly had the Shaq flu
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bjjs - you need to edit your post and add the mandatory picture of his wife
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