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Originally Posted by Jackson Filth View Post
i don't see why paterno's name is getting the headlines for sandusky's crimes. from what i've read, he never witnessed any of these crimes happening, nor did he have any first hand knowledge of them. he handled speculation/accusation by forwarding the complaints to the board.

yes, he could have done more by calling the police and firing sandusky, but like we've all read, it was accusations and you can't necessarily act on those alone. i'm not making excuses for him, but i don't understand the media focus of this. the media has essentially given paterno the face of these crimes when he didn't have any hand or dealing in them. you'd think the finger pointing belongs to the board who never acted on these accusations.
I feel terrible for the victims and there family first and foremost,

We live in a world where people build you up only to tear you down!

It doesn't matter how much good you do,the one bad thing you do will trump everything if you're someone notable. In this case the fact that Jerry Sandusky was convicted on 45 of 48 charges and will spend life until he dies in jail,plus Joe Paterno has already passed away but people still want the statue removed,says it all. What I don't understand is,how does Mike McQueary get a pass from the general public and media and still have a position with the team? Sure he eventually brought to light what he saw,but that was over a decade later and after more young kids were abused. He was the real difference maker but he's a nobody so knowone is after him. The same ones who are quick to judge are the same ones who probably do alot of morally wrong things knowingly too (like cheat on their spouse,steal from their family,friends,employer,employees,etc..) but I guess everybody is a saint until the skeletons in their closest are revealed. Sandusky and his types are the scum of the earth and will get what he deserves. Paterno deserves to be crtisized for not doing enough (which he later acknowledged and apologized for) but the whole or majority of the scandal shouldn't be about what Paterno didn't do compared to what Sandusky did.
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