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Chiggmo 08-05-2010 05:13 PM

Dustin Mcgowan
Well the main question is, will this guy ever play again? I mean when I first saw em come up for the jays, I thought he was gonna be an amazing pitcher, but after he had surgery like 2 years ago (maybe longer) will he EVER play again? His contract is up this season, and they are actually thinking about resigning em, and I mean I like the guy and all, but does anyone think its worth it? His recovery process has also been complete @#$^

I know theres a blue jays specific thread, but I felt this is seperate topic worthy.

fancylad 08-05-2010 08:05 PM

i don't know too much about his health status and projected recovery, but remember Chris Carpenter? bet Jays fans wished we woulda held on to him.

DVS 08-05-2010 08:13 PM

This was debated in the Jays topic when AA shut him down for the year. Honestly the odds are stacked against him in having an MLB career. His situation is worst than the Carpenter problem. No one wil pony up 1 million dollars on Dustin as the Cards did for Carpenter back then.

Premiere 08-05-2010 08:39 PM

I read somewhere that his diabetes worsens his injuries.
Oh well.
He'll be fresh in 2011.

Chiggmo 08-05-2010 11:49 PM


Originally Posted by Premiere (Post 421024)
I read somewhere that his diabetes worsens his injuries.
Oh well.
He'll be fresh in 2011.

He MIGHT be fresh but wheres he gonna play? I sure as hell don't want em back... not nearly worth the risk.

Windex 08-06-2010 07:12 AM

if anything, he`ll be a closer, nothing more

LightsOut 08-06-2010 05:25 PM

^ that would work out well for him, hard thowing pictcher with great movement, anyone remember when he almost no hit the rockies ?

komot 08-09-2010 09:58 PM

i'm sure AA will be willing to sign dustin to a minor league contract and he will willingly accept as he is loyal to this franchise. i won't believe his career is over until i officially heard him retire.

Chiggmo 08-09-2010 10:18 PM

No I'd never say his career is over (unless as you said, he said it himself) but I don't see the point in paying this guy money when he may never recover, and after all the problems with the recovery, who says some other injury doesn't occur shortly after, or it just never heals properly and he comes back with nothin.

I just don't think its a gamble that brings anything to the team, were stacked with pitchers.

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