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FORUM RULES: You should really read these

We're excited to have you part of the largest and busiest Raptors-dedicated message board on the planet! But if you're going to be a valued member here, there are some rules that you're just going to have to abide by. So here we go:

1. Sports discussions can get passionate and heated. But let's not forget that we're all rooting for the same team and we're all people. Let's make sure we treat each other with respect and common courtesy, no matter how much you may disagree with someone.

2. We're a board of adults and as such encourage you to refrain from launching into endless tirades of profanity to make your point. Remember the old adage: "Instead of raising your voice, improve your argument."

3. Spamming is NOT cool. If you have a Raptors related website or blog you'd like to affiliate with us, please contact an admin first. Otherwise, if you spam products, services, or other websites, we will drop the ban hammer on you like almighty Thor himself.

4. Please do a quick search of the forums if you're going to start a new thread. We don't need thirty threads about NBA Live 2K9.

5. Seriously, try to put some effort into your writing. If you're the guy that just drops one word replies or has nothing new to add to the discussion, may we suggest you turn to coloring books.

6. This should go without saying, but if you're going to be offensive to people by being racist, prejudiced, or otherwise bigoted and ignorant, you're going to face a banning. There really is no need to go there. This also includes the posting of offensive, graphic and/or pornograpic pictures, video and media, or links to the same.

7. This may be difficult for some of you, but please try and use proper spelling and punctuation. If no one understands your message, then you're only wasting your own time.

8. If you're a member of another team and you've come here to engage in some friendly rivalry, that's totally fine. We encourage discussion and invite fans from all teams. However, if you're coming here with the sole intent to be a jackass and troll, you're going to get thrown under the bridge like one. Be warned.

9. Above all, try and have some fun. Whether we're on a remarkable winning streak or we're living in the basement of the division, it's just a game at the end of the day. There are plenty of more important things in life to worry about besides what someone here says about your favourite player. So relax and enjoy!

Addition Note: An infraction system is now in place here at RF for members that choose to insult or offend their peers via name-calling, racist/prejudiced/ignorant comments, spamming and abusive behaviour. Two warnings will be given via this system and the third time will result in that member being suspended from the forum for 1 week. After that if the behaviour and actions of this participant(s) continues it will result in more permanent actions.
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