Stop posting RealGM links?
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Default Stop posting RealGM links?

This is a suggestion more for the members than for the moderators. Here are some reasons why I don't like threads based on a RealGM news story:

1. Give credit to the people that actually broke the story - RealGM is a middle-man. You should link people directly to the actual story. Since RealGM produces none of the real content, you should try to give traffic to the people that actually do.
2. Better context - RealGM often provides a summary. Sometimes these summaries eliminate context that better explains what was said or what happens. This is why it is better to prefer a primary source over a secondary source, as the primary source is closer to the actual events that are being reported.
3. Those interested in the story can easily read more - If someone wants to read the whole story, they can of course go to RealGM and then follow the link from RealGM to the site with the actual story. This is more painstaking and makes less sense in the long-term. Instead of 1 single link that could break, you have 2 links that could break.

If it is original content, I can see the point of linking there, but otherwise, RealGM should not be credited for anything more than being a news aggregate.
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I agree.

Thanks, great suggestion.
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Agreed 100%, it's like giving hoopshype or insidehoops the credit for giving a link.

"Hits" are traced to a web-site, thus the writers are given credit for what they write, if they link (and a summary) from RGM or another site that compiles stories is given, most people won't go to the original. This has always been a (minor) pet-peeve of mine as well.
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