water on the moon
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Default water on the moon

Water confirmed on the moon, NASA says - The Globe and Mail

“Yes, indeed, we found water and we didn't just find a little bit – we found a significant amount,” said Anthony Colaprete, the lead scientist overseeing the mission for the U.S. National Aeronautics and Space Administration.

The announcement is certainly good news for those who hope to see human colonists on the moon some day. Water would be an essential requirement for long-term habitation.

The scientists made the discovery by analyzing data from a rocket body and probe, called the Lunar Crater Observation and Sensing Satellite, that were deliberately smashed into the moon last month.

At the time of the twin impacts, the mission looked like a public-relations dud because it didn't produce a cloud of debris clearly visible from Earth. However, NASA scientists had insisted they were able to gather ample information from the LCROSS probe, which watched the first rocket body slam into the moon before it hit the surface, too.

After weeks of assessing the data, the NASA team called a news conference Friday to announce the preliminary results.

The rocket impact produced a new crater between 20 and 30 meters across, Dr. Colaprete said. The plumb of dust kicked up by the crash contained the equivalent of “a dozen, two-gallon buckets worth of water,” he added.

“It would be water you could drink – it's water like any other water.”
video - Water confirmed on the moon, NASA says - The Globe and Mail
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That's sick. Now to start civilization up there
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is pounding

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this is some seriously big news....holy crap...im speechless....
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Originally Posted by Gurk View Post
That's sick. Now to start civilization up there
I've already started packing.
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is all bout dat life

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Didn't NASA find water on the moon already before?
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nice. good to know that million dollar rocket found water in the moon!
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Lol i love how they release information that was already known To them 50 years ago, just like GPS and the internet. Cloaking devices was on the news two years ago on yahoo news, but til this day i never heard of it again. Just hope that these secrets are in the best hands is all you can do.

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