us president now has a license to kill
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Default us president now has a license to kill

Waterboarding foreigners is out, but killing of selected U.S. citizens is okay in the new and obscure counterterrorism calculus approved by U.S. President Barack Obama.

When al-Qaeda cleric and American citizen Anwar al-Awlaki was assassinated in Yemen with a missile fired from a CIA-operated unmanned plane, it was the first ever use of Mr. Obama’s secret new “licence to kill.”

Few Americans will lament the killing of Mr. al-Awlaki, who openly espoused jihad, mentored the U.S. army major who killed 13 fellow soldiers at Fort Hood, Tex., and played a key recruiting role in the Christmas Day 2009 attempt to bring down a U.S. bound jetliner with an underwear bomb.

But it’s an unprecedented use of executive authority for a U.S. president to unilaterally give himself the right to kill an American citizen without, charge, trial, conviction or sentence, and it flouts both the Constitution and international law, according to rights groups and a handful of political conservatives.

While no one disputes that under certain limited circumstances agents of the state can use lethal force, Mr. Obama’s decision to order the killing of Mr. al-Awlaki sets a far-reaching precedent. It’s a slippery slope, warns Jameel Jaffer, deputy legal director at the American Civil Liberties Union. “The powers claimed by this President may be used by the next one and he might be someone less trustworthy.”
Memo equips Obama with ‘licence to kill’ - The Globe and Mail
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And yet, while he killed al-Awlaki, I was reading in some papers, that it hasn't been enough. Additional blood lust is wanted it seems by the US public.

And yes, I think it goes without saying that this precedent sets a dangerous one in the future.
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Last night I wanted to study 'mental stability' further & my google search came up with the craziest link! This thread here is currently & certainly the best place to share it with y'all!

The link my google search (of 'mental stability') wherein I found that was this:
The Questionable Mental Stability of Barack Obama., page 1

Some ppl talk rot in that thread, but there are others who bring up very intriguing points. I can see why Obama wouldn't want this cat out of the bag: in the open he can't help but exhibit many symptoms of (psycho)pathological narcissism. Gotta wonder what his convos are like behind closed doors, eh?

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is the baby faced assassin

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Doesn't care about anybody but himself? Hmmmm,


WASHINGTON -- Got problems? Tell Barack Obama. He can help. He might even give you money.

On more than one occasion, the president has cut personal checks to struggling Americans who've written to the White House, according to an excerpt from a new book by Washington Post reporter Eli Saslow about the ten letters the president reads every day.

"It's not something I should advertise, but it has happened," the president told Saslow.

How many times has President Obama intervened on someone's behalf, and with what kind of problems does he help? Mortgage payments? Medical bills? And when he wants to help someone out with a personal check, how does it work? Does he send a check signed "Barack Obama" directly to the individual in need, or does he send the money to a bank or company on the person's behalf? Do people even know when Obama has helped them out, or does the help arrive anonymously through a lawyer?

The White House declined to answer any questions about the practice.

HuffPost readers: Received help from the president after sending him a letter? Tell us about it -- email Please include your phone number if you're willing to do an interview.

It's long been known that the president occasionally responds to the people who write him. Several folks who've heard back from Obama have even put the correspondence up for sale. NBC reported in June, for instance, that a single mom from Hobart, Ind. hoped to stave off eviction by selling an Obama letter for thousands of dollars. And a man who'd received a note from the president in response to an angry letter about bank bonuses put the letter up for auction in March.

It seems like Obama views writing a check or making a phone call on a correspondent's behalf as a way for him to alleviate the powerlessness he sometimes feels when reading his mail from regular people.

"Some of these letters you read and you say, 'Gosh, I really want to help this person, and I may not have the tools to help them right now,'" the president told Saslow. "And then you start thinking about the fact that for every one person that wrote describing their story, there might be another hundred thousand going through the same thing. So there are times when I'm reading the letters and I feel pained that I can't do more, faster, to make a difference in their lives."

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You're free to believe that, my friend, but the fact that he's asking Congress for trillions of dollars in this economy (and even if the economy wasn't so bad, it's still a completely unreasonable amount, period; nobody owes him anything) instead of doing anything of substance regarding fair job stimulation
says to me that article is a simple political tool of his; unlike other presidents in their 3rd year, he'd rather campaign & do fundraising instead of get to work in the White House & do his job - and now there's an 'emotional' reason for why he does so. He was even more generous in bailing out the banks in his 1st month in office, nullifying his campaign promise of accountability, justice & transparency in both politics & big business; allowing criminals to go free with bonuses in hand.

His charitable acts also fly in the face of acts that are easier to establish, which he said he would when he was campaigning in '08.

Supposing now those lies now become 'truths' by Obama's efforts, they'd be coming in the time when the 2012 election is right around the corner, when these simple things should've been established when he first took office in Jan '09. B/c they'd be coming so late, the public would have every reason to question if what they're seeing is real or if there's a catch or what else is being hidden. He wasn't doing these things to begin office; he was bailing out the banks instead of launching a full throttle investigation, as the 'character' he displayed on the '08 campaign trail lead us to believe he would.

And then there's the matter that the OP stated, wherein this lawyer-president can kill someone without a trial (it's apples & oranges from Muammar & Mutassim Gaddafi dying recently; 42yrs of blatant evidence is enough for me regarding Muammar & Mutassim), which not only sets up a horrid precedent which completely goes against the Constitution, it also shows he feels he's above the system that he was educated in - though it's of note that he never proved his salt in it, as the doctor in the following links touches on:

(At the 4min mark, let's remember that Obama/White House/CIA was & is NOT invited to the Arab Spring; American troops on the ground had nothing to do with the Libyan rebels catching Muammar & Mutassim, yet Obama takes credit for it anyways; and they had nothing to do with the overthrow of the Tunisian & Egyptian dictators)

(the doctor is prophetic; not even 2yrs after this radio program, he asked Israel to reduce their borders to make way for Hamas, a group that doesn't recognize Israel's right to exist LINK: Obama calls for Israel's return to pre-1967 borders)

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