Toronto: Income Division
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Default Toronto: Income Division

Read this in the Star this morning. Some pretty interesting, if not alarming, numbers being thrown there. Now, I don't know what it's like in the city in terms of social services, but if true, it seems as though some action needs to occur.

Toronto is headed toward a scenario where nearly two thirds of residents will be in the low income bracket by 2025, according to a study set to be released Wednesday.

The latest update of the Three Cities within Toronto study from 2007 continues to paint a “devastating picture” of income “segregation” by neighbourhoods, according to one source who has seen the report.

Prior to this latest update, one released last year that was based on the latest census data showed that 15 of the city’s middle income neighbourhoods have disappeared since 2001. The majority of these areas reverted to low income, where individual earnings were 20 to 40 per cent below the city average.

It shows that if current trends continue, a total of 10 per cent of the city will be middle income earners by 2025; 30 per cent will be upper middle income; and a whopping 60 per cent of Toronto’s residents will be in the low to very low income bracket, sources say.

That’s quite a swing from 1970, when 66 per cent of Toronto neighbourhoods were middle income, 15 per cent were upper income, and 19 per cent were low income.

Wednesday’s report is authored by U of T professor and researcher David Hulchanski, as were the two before it. It doesn’t blame municipal governments for the income trends, but one observer pointed out that the report’s release is timely in light of the fiscally minded administration at city hall headed by newly minted Mayor Rob Ford.
Income divide deepening in Toronto neighbourhoods: Report -
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and the brilliant solution: dalton mcguinty raises hydro and electricity bills along with HST yes that will get rid of poverty :facepalm:
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Originally Posted by fresh n' spicy View Post
and the brilliant solution: dalton mcguinty raises hydro and electricity bills along with HST yes that will get rid of poverty :facepalm:
use that money to open up government offices and public branches around the city and create jobs?
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