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Originally Posted by LX View Post
I learned in high school that a precondition to any revolution was a population with basic needs not being met, so you may be ight DVS. I found the lesson a little disappointing at the time, but saw that had been the case. But now we are seeing governments fall due to discontentment from well-educated, middle-class people, and it's not about tremendous poverty as much as seeing basic needs becoming a roadblock to a better life.

I just hope for a peaceful protest. I don't wanna see another G-20 mess in this city or god forbid a rioit akin to Vancouver.
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this is way too funny...

Celebrity Photos of the Week: Oct. 12 - The Globe and Mail
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fascinating move by mark carney - head of the bank of canada:

So it took the world somewhat by surprise this weekend to hear Mark Carney, the head of the Bank of Canada, chewing up the Paris airwaves and news pages at a gathering of the world’s finance ministers and central bankers. He didn’t just give a lot of interviews – he said the sort of things that central bankers don’t usually say.


On Friday, he set the tone of the G20 summit by telling the world that he fully endorsed the Occupy Wall Street Demonstrations and felt that economic inequality is out of control. His remarks, repeated widely on social-media outlets, crossed the boundary from financial media into the networks covering the protests.

He wasn’t the only financial guru to say this – the Financial Times gave the worldwide demonstrations a strong vote of support on Monday – but he was probably the only central banker to do so.
A chatty Mark Carney suddenly takes centre stage - The Globe and Mail

The Occupy Wall Street demonstrations and other expressions of frustration with the global economic and financial system highlight the need for policy makers to show they are serious about forcing change, Bank of Canada governor Mark Carney says.

In a television interview, Mr. Carney acknowledged that the movement is an understandable product of the ``increase in inequality’’ – particularly in the United States – that started with globalization and was thrust into sharp relief by the worst downturn since the Great Depression, which hit the less well-educated and blue-collar segments of the population hardest.
Demonstrations like the Occupy Wall Street protests, which will hit Canadian cities this weekend, are a “democratic expression of views’’ and “entirely constructive,’’ Mr. Carney said.

“It makes it more tangible, the challenges that that economy is facing, and it makes it more important to demonstrate success on issues such as financial reform,’’ he said.

The words that Mr. Carney applies to the civil disruption carry extra weight because the Harper government is pushing for him to become the next chairman of the Financial Stability Board (FSB), a group charged with co-ordinating the overhaul of international banking regulations. There is widespread fear that, the more time that passes, the tougher it will be to muster political enthusiasm for reforms, against which the financial industry is lobbying furiously.

Mr. Carney has been a fierce critic of the industry backlash and has vowed to counter it.

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