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I'll keep ou guys updated on what's happening because I have Dish TV and I get Indian news channels with feeds straight from India
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as a fellow east indian and citizen of this world I just can't understand why people feel the need to prove their "points" in such a horrible manner. Perhaps i won't ever understand because i have fit into a free society that we all take for granted...??..

Someone will always feel neglected, abused, not worthy, upset with a government and feel the need to kill innocent people.

Its way to early to point fingers without knowing the "cause" behind this. Either way, it just disgusts me that people feel the need to take such actions. Talk about being totally misguided. I don't care what your cause is, if you do this in the name of "any god" you should be fully ashamed of yourself.

I'm not so sure you can ever protect against such atrocities. While the speculation mounts on the origins of these fuckers, the fact of the matter is these terrorists live everywhere. Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, Iraq, Sri Lanka, Spain, Colombia god the list is never ending it seems.

What can governments do to track these people in a "free world" without "infringing" on peoples rights? Where do you stop and say this is a free country BUT.....

I could go on and on but i'm too upset right now with what has transpired over the last few days in Mumbai.

May all those who lost their lives rest in peace and i hope that their families will find comfort in the fact that citizens of the world grieve with them and feel their pain.
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Proven again that religion tears us apart.
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