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multi-culturalism to me includes the polish, italian and spanish communities, not race specific such as caucasian, african and asian.

i have no problem with communities being built around the same cultural background if it gives them that comfort they need when they first arrive to canada. i just don't like the idea how some communities are built on the idea of that they can go on with their daily living without speaking a word of either english or french after living here for twenty years.
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i really don't think there's any real hope or reality for multiculturalism, or whatever that might be.
saying it exists is more of a grotesque political correctness that pays lip service to diversity and so-called affirmative action oriented politics. Cultures are more than food, and clothing, religious beliefs, music, and all of the surface stuff open for commodification. They're cosmologies, and economies, they're ways of living. last I checked we have one type of economy, one type of system of governance, and maybe two or three very european philosophical approaches to understandings of what a nation might be. there's absolutely no multiplicity to the way in which canada is structured, and so cultural otherness is always framed diametrically by and for the system legislating difference.
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Originally Posted by TO2988 View Post
US = Melting Pot
Canada = Mosaic

People are people and if they're good natured/hard working I couldn't care less where they're from
I agree, but in Canada, the Mosaic is a bit different. For example, alot of my "white" friends love Persian food. I eat sushi at least a couple of times a week and so on.

I know in States its not like here at all. Even in California, which is like "hip", everyone is pretty much Californian. No matter of where they came from, they all turned into a big family, except for the FOB Mexicans.

Originally Posted by zachus22 View Post
I've lived in Chicago, North Carolina, Ottawa, Calgary and Toronto, and have been on trips to Asia and Europe. If you haven't left Canada, it's tough to realize how unique this country is in comparison to the rest of the world. We really do take for granted how tolerant we are.

I had five oriental friends in high school and aside from the odd stereotypical joke, they were my boys, not just my de facto "asian" friends. Contrast that with my experiences in North Carolina, and I can honestly say I wouldn't have wanted to live there if I weren't white. My dad worked in an office where the black and white employees were separated by floor. Of course my dad, the tolerant Canadian, tried to bridge the gap and the blacks were put off by it.

Walking down Yonge Street it's commonplace to see white guys hanging out with Vietnamese dudes, or blacks hanging out with south asians - as Torontonians we don't even think anything of it. I can't stress enough how gifted we are as a society to be able to brush this fact off like it's nothing. Seeing past the colour of someone's skin is something that just doesn't happen in most places around the world, and Toronto is in the company of only a few cities when it comes to universal cultural tolerance and acceptance.

Its funny cause in LA, there are a whole bunch of Persian Jews, and I felt a bit racism from them! I was like WTF man? We are both PERSIAN!!!?????????

I have friends in Iran who are from Armenian decent, but born and raised in Iran. Christian, as most, if not all, of them are...and I never felt any type of racism from them. Religion was never an issue. Or even Iranian Jews in Iran...nobody cares...we are all Persian.

I love Toronto man, in the past couple of years, my love for Toronto, and Canada as a whole has doubled. I feel proud whenever I hear a joke about how nice Canadians are.

I honestly do. It's nice to be known as a nice country, than a fat, aggressive bastard.
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tired of shitty Toronto teams

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Who I am:

-Product of immigrant parents.
-Proud to be Canadian but still have a cultural identity in terms of cuisine, language, and festivals
-National Scholar
-Community Volunteer
-Never Committed a crime

Multi-culuraism is working solely because people like me were given the opportunity to be Canadian just as much as anyone whose parents were born here.
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tired of shitty Toronto teams

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Originally Posted by DVS View Post
Also problem is when "those people" that team first allegiance to their background. I'd like to see what they consider themselves when they go back "home"?
Like Wayne Gretzky right? I believe he considers himself a Canadian, while living most of his life in America and when he comes back to Canada to visit.
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