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I don't understand why, but I actually NEVER remember my dreams...
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I've had a lucid dream before and I remember it clearly... it's really messed up so bear with me if you're interested:

I was dreaming that I was in Amsterdam (since I recently took a trip there) and the whole city was covered in snow, and the roads covered in slush. People were snowboarding down the sidewalks... I looked at my watch and noticed it was 6:30pm and thought to myself "Damn, I have a shift to work in an hour and thirty minutes and I'm in AMSTERDAM"

So in a panic I started looking for a way out of Amsterdam. I was running around and caught a glimpse of my sister with my dad doing some shopping... and then it snapped to me. I went up to them and said "Oh ok I'm dreaming". I was talking to them then suddenly I heard a phone ringing. I told my Sis and Dad "hang on I gotta answer the phone".

That's when I woke up... and oddly enough, the phone in my room was actually ringing.

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Originally Posted by Christopha View Post
I don't understand why, but I actually NEVER remember my dreams...
Yeah, most people don't, your brain is used to shoving dreams at the back of your subconscious.
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Originally Posted by oneironaught View Post
Have you ever seen 'Waking Life' Zachus?..It's a Linklater flick entirely about lucid dreaming; and it's a total trip, man. Not only is it visually breathtaking, it's remarkably informative regarding the lucid dream state as well. Highly recommended for any of you guys.

I've been trying to master and manipulate it for sometime now, but I haven't faired to well yet.

Also, check out Ever Dream This Man?
It's a site dedicated to a recurring dream figure who apparently thousands of people have seen in their dreams. Ever seen him?
I watched 'Waking Life' and second the endorsement. I don't agree with ALL of the views expressed in the film, but it does raise some thought provoking ideas. The director is using lucid dreaming as a lens through which to explore many aspects of the human condition.
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