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convinced that Raptors fans are only happy when they're unhappy.

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Originally Posted by thriller92 View Post
Hold up, today is Yom Kippur?
No, I don't think its till October Thriller.
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Originally Posted by thriller92 View Post
Hold up, today is Yom Kippur?
no... i'm just making a point.

yes, i know its a bad one, but i dont care.... i want more holidays dammit!
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Originally Posted by JayJayW View Post
Tuggle bed ur an idiot...allah means god in arabic
really wow! you know what's fun! putting a disclaimer at the bottom of your posts!
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Sabbath and holiday observance

In R. v. Big M Drug Mart, the Supreme Court of Canada held that the stated purpose of the federal Lord's Day Act, compelling observance of the Christian Sabbath, was incompatible with the protections of freedom of religion in the Charter. In 1986, in R. v. Edwards Books and Art, the Supreme Court found that legislation prohibiting Sunday shopping with the secular purpose of creating a day of rest was also a violation of freedom of religion because of the unequal effect of the law on retailers who observed a different sabbath. However, this violation was upheld as a justifiable limit on freedom of religion.

The Supreme Court of Canada has ruled that there is a duty to accommodate religious observance under human rights legislation. The 1990 case Central Alberta Dairy Pool v. Alberta concerned an employee who was required by his religion to take Easter Monday as a holy day. As this is not a statutory holiday, his employer required that he work that day or lose his job. The Supreme Court of Canada found that the employer should have accommodated the employee's religious practices.

It's all about Precidence bitches.

I take enough "other days" off, usually Mondays after Sunday Hockey parties at the Rhino, that I don't mind the Jewish dudes having thier own holidays.

It's all good.
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laughing at Marbury

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thing is where do u draw the line?

I'm sikh, i dont get my religious holidays off..And if i do, i take it off out of my own time...It doesnt bug me because i know i get the christian/catholic days off that we have here in Canada. To me its a nice day off which i'll take.

What if i have 18 religious holidays and you have 5, is it fair i get all that time off and you dont?

Canadians have always celebrated the holidays like good friday or christmas or thanksgiving. Its always been that way and i would not want canada to change it to accomodate sikhs, hindus, muslims, jews, bhuddists etc....Its ridiculous!

That said, you should be allowed to take off religious holidays but at your own expense without being penalized by employers.

If religion means that much to you then you will sacrifice the pay for that day.
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