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Thumbs down HST

WTF!! Am i the only one that's beyond pissed and confused about what is taxed and what isn't? How do you feel about the new tax?

As far as i know (via National post):



• Utilities (heating/hydro/natural gas)

• Internet bills

• Adult footwear under $30

• Admissions under $4

(e.g. swimming pool, skating rink)

• Veterinary care

• Personal services (e.g. hair stylist, massage).

• Professional services (e.g. lawyers, accountants)

• Mutual fund management fees

• Membership fees (e.g. gym)

• New homes over $400,000

• Real estate commissions

• Commercial property rentals and leases

• Landscaping

• Vitamins

• Postal stamps and courier fees

• Golf green fees and ski resort lift tickets

• Most admissions to live theatres

• Taxi fares

• Conferences and seminars

• Dry cleaning

• Carpet cleaning

• Labour costs related to home renovation

• Motor vehicle services (towing, car washing)

• Ice rink rental

• Hotels

• Overnight summer camps

• Domestic air travel

• Domestic rail travel

• Bus tickets

• Christmas trees

• Electrical and plumbing services

• Snowplowing

• Bicycles

• Funeral costs

• Doctor fees not covered by OHIP, dentist fees

• Web page design

• Advertising in newspapers, magazines and other media

Not taxed
Items that were exempt from provincial tax and GST, and will be exempt from HST:

• Basic groceries

• Prescription drugs

• Resale homes

• Certain medical devices

• Most healthcare services

• Pharmacist dispensing fees

• Most educational services

• Childcare services

• Municipal public transportation

• Municipal water

• Residential rent

• Condominium fees

• Auto insurance

• Home insurance *

• Music lessons

• Mortgage interest costs

• Adult incontinence products

* Had been subject to provincial tax, but not GST.

Items that were exempt from provincial tax, and will be exempt from the eight-per-cent Ontario portion of HST*:

• Qualifying prepared food and beverages sold for $4 or less

• Children's clothing and footwear

• Children's car seats

• Diapers

• Feminine hygiene products

• Books

• Newspapers


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I love words like certain and most

flat tax
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It's shitty for the consumer, plain and simple. An extra burden is being placed on low-income consumers who had trouble affording services in the first place.

At face value it economizes costs for businesses - a blended tax is less paperwork, less accountants to pay, etcetera. That adds up to a lot over the course of a fiscal year. Ontario businesses will also be reimbursed for taxes paid on inputs, which again is very economical.

My question is this - you economize costs for businesses, which I'm all for, but you raise the cost of services by a relatively extreme amount. The price of and demand for services are inversely related. You increase the price of services, the demand goes down. In most cases the demand for services is extremely elastic. I'm not sure the economized costs for service businesses outweighs the decreased demand.
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