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Originally Posted by MangoKidHoops View Post
Cormier is a 2nd round pick of New jersey and once the incident took place, they asked Lou Lamorello what he thought about it, and he totally downplayed the incident and even said that he didn't think there should be a suspension in place at all.

Cormier though should receive a lifetime ban in the Q, but the Q's commissioner is a bit wishy washy when it comes to stuff like that. David Branch would have immediately suspended the guy for life.
I hadn't heard Lamorello's comments. Thanks for the info, Mango. But I'd like to clarify something: when I said I was glad nobody was downplaying the incident, I was referring to this message board. I fully expect excuses to be made by people affiliated with the NHL. Lamorello's comments don't surprise me. In my first post in this thread, I said the following:

Posted by ArmChairGMAt the pro level, I find it so annoying how the player association always defends these guys when the league office tries to suspend them. Now, unfortunately, the league doesn't even try to suspend players after worthy infractions. I mean, seriously, unions are supposed to look out for the employees' health. The NHLPA is a joke. They should definitely come down very hard on Cormier while he is in the QMJHL, because he's not going to be taught a lesson once he's in the NHL. It's now or never.
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Cormier is one of those guys the NHL who will be a fringe player anyway. He's not necessarily a solid offensive player, or defensive player for that matter. If he makes it, he'll be Daniel Carcillo, v 2.0
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Hockey Canada, the governing body for amateur leagues, is convening a summit to discuss player safety as a public outcry grows over violent headshots at all levels of the sport.

The move follows high-profile injuries and studies that show successive concussions from hits to the head can seriously damage the brain.

Meantime, two senior Canadian politicians with hockey-rich backgrounds, Finance Minister Jim Flaherty and Liberal MP Ken Dryden, on Tuesday added their voices to the rising chorus of concern over these debilitating hits.
Taking action on hockey headshots - The Globe and Mail
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