The Green Party Has Jumped The Shark
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Default The Green Party Has Jumped The Shark

Elizabeth May, a party leader in Canada, has joined, the unscientific and asinine "War on Wi-Fi"

Elizabeth May wages war against WiFi - The Globe and Mail

It is time we separated "knowledge" from "science" the confusion between the 2 is troubling me.
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yes, although it happened during the election when may made her ludicrous claims about nuclear power. this is just icing on the cake.
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Well, I don't think this is an indication that the Green Party has jumped the shark any more than any other party. If being wrong on policy, or contradicting your values in some respect (assuming scientific literacy is a core Green Party value, which I would disagree with), then every party has jumped the shark.

As for the content of what she is saying, she's absolutely wrong. First of all, Havdas' research is nowhere near consensus; second, Havdas' experiments were not sufficiently rigorous (a recent one from last year was especially bad for its lack of double-blinding); third, it is scientifically implausible.

Then if we look at how Ms. May is reading these studies, it is obvious that she is using insufficient skepticism. She, like many others, has obviously run with reports in pop-science media earlier this year about EMF killing bees (to use just one example) but has obviously either not read the study or lacks the scientific literacy to put it in its proper context.

This should not be that much of a surprise. I regularly cringe at how scientifically illiterate the public and their politicians are. The Green Party has shown for a long time that they are more interested in advancing their New Age perspectives than in utilizing science.

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just when i thought Canadian politicians couldn't get anymore

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This sounds like typical BC flakiness to me. I don't see the connection to pushing New Age craziness. I mean I know a good number of new age crazies, and they have very little interest in politics of any particular stripe. And the Greens I have known have been far from being science-hating om-chanters.

If anything it's taking Nader's type of consumer vigilance a little too far. I'd as soon see vigilance go a little overboard at times than to see it completely lacking, like with the incredible waste with an unproven drug like Tamiflu approved by governments for purchase in comically wasteful amounts,after being advised by scientists that happened to be on the payroll of Tamiflu's makers.

There is a ton of bad information out there, and there is more and more shit that lies beyond any kind of common understanding that can be readily visualized or grasped beyond abstractions. Yes there can be blame laid atthefeet of the media, and politicians, and money, but it's also the intrinsic nature of our dependence on very complicated technology. It's a real problem. And as technological advances come with push-button accessibility, it just means that they can be exploited readily for both good and evil. We're pretty much fucked. Put my head in a jar full of phthalates and let the robots have their day. I'm sure they can't prove much worse than TEPCO.

And the shark - pretty much gone extinct in a dying ocean. Just thought this thread could use a dose of nihilism. It's the way I get when confronted with the need to think with a clear head. Let's see, what day is it? Friday? Yep-still fucked.

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