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Great article by Peter Bergen...

Bin Laden's poisonous ideology began to wither on 9/11 -
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Originally Posted by Aar_Canada View Post
I didn't read it - but my guess is that I agree entirely. I was thinking about your concern about some of these guys destroying whole cities if they had the chance. The problem is that once they even get close to doing so, they lose a lot of steam. Organizationally they can't sustain themselves with actions that are so hard to justify in any way. I'll give it a read in the morning.
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The adult sons of Osama bin Laden have lashed out at U.S. President Barack Obama over their father’s death, accusing the United States of violating its basic legal principles by killing an unarmed man, shooting his family members and disposing of his body in the sea.

The statement said the family was asking why the leader of al-Qaeda “was not arrested and tried in a court of law so that truth is revealed to the people of the world.” Citing the trials of Saddam Hussein and Slobodan Milosevic, the statement questioned “the propriety of such assassination where not only international law has been blatantly violated,” but the principles of presumption of innocence and the right to a fair trial were ignored.

“We maintain that arbitrary killing is not a solution to political problems,” the statement said, adding that “justice must be seen to be done.”

The statement, prepared at the direction of Omar bin Laden, a son who had publicly denounced his father’s terrorism, was provided to The New York Times by Jean Sasson, an American author who helped the younger Mr. bin Laden write a 2009 memoir, Growing Up bin Laden. A shorter, slightly different statement was posted on a jihadist website Tuesday.
U.S. violated international law, bin Laden sons say - The Globe and Mail
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Extensive Porn Stash Found in Bin Laden Compound

A stash of pornography was found in the Pakistani compound of Usama bin Laden raided last week by Navy SEALs, U.S. officials told Fox News.

The pornography taken from the compound, first reported by Reuters, is said to have included modern, electronically recorded video and is described as fairly extensive. But officials told Reuters they did not know if the terror leader acquired the porn himself or even viewed it.

Bin Laden's Abbottabad compound did not have Internet connection or other hard-wired communication networks. But the compound was equipped with televisions after the U.S. government released videos taken from the raid showing the Al Qaeda leader watching himself on TV.

U.S. officials said materials taken during the raid were the largest cache of intelligence taken from one source.

The discovery of pornography taken during raids on Islamic militants is not uncommon, officials told Reuters.

U.S. authorities also are using interviews with Usama bin Laden's wives and video of the assault on his Pakistan compound to piece together details of the raid that killed the terrorist leader.

After days of wrangling with Pakistani leaders, U.S. intelligence officials were finally given access to bin Laden's three wives and were allowed to question them in an effort to gather more information about life in the compound, Pentagon officials said.

The three bin Laden widows who survived the raid were taken into Pakistani custody. The White House has said it was important that the U.S. be allowed to interview them as they could provide information about bin Laden's life in his compound.

But the Islamic practice of segregating women from men means the wives probably would not have been present for meetings or discussions about Al Qaeda operations.

Still, with bin Laden's trusted couriers dead, the women could offer rare details about bin Laden, particularly his life over the past few years as the manhunt for him wore on.

U.S. intelligence and military analysts have also been examining footage from cameras mounted in the helmets of the Navy SEALs, capturing a minute-by-minute account of the operation.

The video will provide a more detailed and accurate picture of the raid, compared to early information that relied on the first reports from members of the elite team, both during the operation and interviews with them afterward.
Extensive Porn Stash Found in Bin Laden Compound -
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