Jay: Raps vs. Cats Post-game
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Jay: Raps vs. Cats Post-game

Yikes. When the Bobcats are posting points on you not once, but twice in a week, you have defensive issues. Wait, you have defensive issues, rebounding issues, transition issuesÖIím talking Bobby & Whitney in the 90s sized issues. But before we get into the Raps and their shameful loss to the Bobcats, letís take a minute to remember the man that was Rasho. The man who got POSTERIZED by J-Rich tonight. I mean, Iím no Bobcat lover, but that was a big time dunk. I donít know how many better dunks Iíve seen this year. Actually, letís roll with this for a bit. Coming down the lane, there was no doubt what Jason Richardson was going to do. He saw the opportunity and took it, throwing down a dunk with such force and reckless abandon, he looked like a guy who forgot he was playing for Charlotte. Letís also give J-Rich a former Raptor claw for his MoPete-worthy circus shot to set up the and 1. We pretty much saw everything from Richardson tonight, 27 points, 7 rebounds, 6 assists and he even found time to throw in a couple of steals. Thatís a guy taking full advantage of the opportunities presented to him. We saw from Richardson, some of the aggression that the Raptors lack night in and night out. His performance tonight was essentially him saying, ďI am going to keep attacking these open lanes until somebody stops me.Ē No Raptors answered the challenge.

Since returning to the starting PG role, we have seen a new TJ Ford. One who hasnít been forcing the issue, a TJ who has actually looked in control for the most part and has been attacking when defenses have shown that they canít keep up with his pace. It has been good to see TJ come back and play the kind of ball we know he can. 14 assists tonight for TJ, which is good to see, but for Godís sake, if you canít control the ball when the game is on the line, if you turn it over without even making a move, youíre not going to win any fans in Toronto. If you want to be the starter and want to be the man running the team, then you have to be able to close the game out when it is on the line. Sure, on more than one occasion, we have seen TJ seal games down the stretch, but ones like this are going to stand out. Starters CLOSE games. Thatís what he needs to get into his head. Starters CLOSE games.

The Raptors had 3 different ways they could have ensured their playoff spot tonight. If they beat Charlotte, they were in. If Washington won, they were in and if jersey lost, they were in. So of course, the Raptors couldnít just win their game, they had to lose to an inferior team and then watch the other two scenarios fall into place. Maybe going into the playoffs, the Raptors strategy will be to have their opposition just win for them. Count on them making more mistakes than they do. Getting into the playoffs by backing in is sort of like showing up for a party that you werenít really invited to, but everybody there knows you and they know that you crashed the joint. Weíve been saying it for a while, but along with getting tougher, the Raptors have to have some pride. When you have your teamís fate in your own hands, you have to step up and show everyone that youíre ready for the playoffs. The Raptors clearly arenít.
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