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Claudius 12-23-2009 12:24 PM

YEAR IN REVIEW -- March 2009
Stupid Smarch weather!


Oh, I almost forgot to tell you a story. One day I was walking in the park and I saw this Mallard. It looked at me and I looked at it we both knew something was gonna happen. Now, not in this magical sort of way, more like this, I’m gonna crap on your car. So, as I walked by it, it takes its running start and aims for my car and drops its payload. Now, you’d think it would hit my car. But you’d be wrong, it hit the car next to me, a douchebag in a souped up car who had to blast his bass for everyone to hear. The Mallard looked back at me and we both knew, that we all hated douchebags. What does this have to do with March? Nothing.

So, in February we had the Shawn Marion trade and well, the disaster of a season was coming to an end. March saw some more highlights with a win streak but let’s see what was happening in the RF world.

Marion was diagnosed as a game time decision against the Mavs which led to this interesting discussion.


flu-like symptoms = hangover

hangover=too much time at the strip club

too much time at the strip club = STD

STD=Divorce with wife

Divorce with wife = freedom

Freedom=weed addict

weed addict = a good thing that cleans the body and mind, heals the soul, exalts the consciousness, facilitates peacefulness, brings pleasure, and brings oneself closer to Jah

a good thing that cleans the body and mind, heals the soul, exalts the consciousness, facilitates peacefulness, brings pleasure, and brings oneself closer to Jah = running through the desert chasing vibrating beams of light
a good thing that cleans the body and mind, heals the soul, exalts the

consciousness, facilitates peacefulness, brings pleasure, and brings oneself closer to Jah=weight loss

running through the desert chasing vibrating beams of light = peyote in the dessert with Kerouac

peyote in the dessert with Kerouac=what?

what? = On The Road (look it up)
That was between, Acie, Gurkey and LX.

HassamZafar9 predicted the Raptors would go 40-42 and still make the playoffs while we were 20 and 36. JVG had this to say on an ESPN broadcast:
"a team that doesn't play defence"

LX responded with:


It's pretty obvious that there's no requirement to be accountable as an individual defender here since Jay took over. Some would say that doesn't mean they don't play defense, but to a guy like JVG it does in fact mean just that.

Did anyone hear JVD telling the other commentators that Shaq didn't find the fountain of youth but the fountain of Toronto? Lol
Scoop Jackson discussed what the Raptors Mt. Rushmore would be. He listed Bosh, Carter, Peterson, Stoudamire. Other interesting ones:



alvin, christie, peterson and bosh




zan tabak, bateer, Aleksandar Radojević, hakeem, muggsy


Jorge Garbajosa, Alvin Williams, Morris Peterson, Chris Bosh.


oakley, kevin willis, garbo, alvin and chris bosh.


The Raptor, Carter, Alvin, Damon, Mitchell


Vince, Alvin, Bosh, The Incredible Joey
Rapman99 had this to say about mo:


“And to say Mo Pete "stuck through" is nonsense. Mo signed an offer sheet with New Orleans in the summer of '04. Upon doing so, he proceeded to call the Raptors disloyal. Not only that, but he constantly whined and complained his last season here when he became a bench player. And if you look at his numbers here they were pretty abysmal. This is a guy who never attacked the basket, which is reflected in his free throw attempts per game. Yet for some reason others get criticized for taking too many jumpers (and too many threes specifically), yet Mo doesn't. It makes no sense.”

Shawn Marion said it’s too cold in Toronto. Bmats responded with:


“driving is so crap in the winter as well. And for anyone who has lowered their car... you can't drive it in the snow..”
Raptor123 proved he is psychic with this:


“BC will have Jay return next year as our head coach. He is doing a good job with the handling of Bargs, Ukic and Graham. With the addition of Marion, our team will start to jell. Jay has been around long enough and he has earned his stripes in this league. He was involved with the US Gold Medal team, a man respected in the league by U.S. BASKETBALL and the top players that were on that team.”
Jeff responded with:


“If Jay Triano is back next season, i'll lose all respect for Brian Colangelo. Now is his chance to bring in "his guy" from outside the organization. If that man is Jay Triano (which isn't from outside the org.), then it'll be official, BC has lost his marbles! Jay is one of the worst coaches in the NBA and is way worse then Sam was.

No way does BC bring Jay back imo.”
Raptor123 also contemplated the idea of trading Jose Jesus Calderon (gasp)


“It's time to really start thinking about next year. What do we do about our starting point guard ? Is it time to accept the fact that we must trade Jose and bring in someone else ? If so who do we bring in ?”
Bmats wanted:


“I would also love to have the Baron here. He's a pretty good leader, is not a pylon on defence. Is somewhat of a veteran along w/ marion and a young frontcourt bosh/bargs and our newly acquired (drafted) SG... that's a better team than the one we have now.”
Bartdudeman wanted Jarret Jack and claimed he was a star in the making but

kg1585 said:


“Just ask the Blazers fans how they feel about Jack. He is not that great, can't really shoot, doesn't have very good vision. Only thing he has going for him is defence.”

you want TJs backup again?? hahahahahahaha working out so well now, isnt it?


i'll pass on Jack...
he's just overachieiving playing alongside TJ......... sound familiar?
he's just a scorer who is too small to be a SG and really isnt a PG.
he reminds me of a bigger and stronger Juan Dixon.
good scorer who is very hot and cold.... isnt big enough to be a legitimate SG, and doesnt have bonafide PG skills.
And Raptors123 again:


“jose is way better then TJ even playing on one leg. The biggest differance between Jose and TJ though is that TJ has nothing between his ears. lol Tj Ford the bigest disapointment in the history of the organization.He is on the top of the list for worst team player for the Toronto Raptors.”
Bmats then declared big Jack as the worst player in the NBA and Kuzzy wanted to trade for Andrew Bynum.


we should get a center like Bynum to play alongside Bargnani
someone that can hit the glass, has a post game, and is a serious threat on D
Bargnani will blossom and so will bosh...
but who stays?
HighonPsi said there is a controversy between Bosh and Bargnani with which Acie believe that it existed only in his own mind. Doug Smith said we’re running Bosh out of town because of criticism that he couldn’t guard Al Horford and Brandon Bass. Responses:


snooch made a good point....
he had to guard brandon bass???
omigod!!!! a second year player who hasnt even made a name for himself??? god forbid!!! should he have been guarding dirk or damp?
this article is ridiculous.
And then we had this magnificent thread and while it may take you awhile to go through it, it’s what RF is about and will always be about. Intelligent discussion, awesome opinions and knowledgeable posters. It’s not because I’m in it either, but because the responses by Hoops, SJ, Bjjs, Ugo, Dann38, moremilk and a slew of others were well written. No pettiness. So please, take a few minutes and read it.


Jeff started ANOTHER Matty Devlin thread where he wanted EVERYONE’S opinion.

Renihan responded with:

This is such a ridiculous things to say, but I don't like his voice haha...It just irritates me.

Homerism aside, my favourite broadcaster is and always will be Dan Shulman. Used to like listening to him do Jays games on TSN before he was wooed away by ESPN. I know he's living the good life down south but I'd love to see him up here doing Raptor games.
To which Jeff said:


I always thought he sounded like a robot or auctioneer(take your pick) for some reason.
RAPTORSBESTFAN declared CB4 a hero:


He is the only guy on the team who does anything. He even has to take lots of jump shots because nobody else will. I also think he could get 15 rebounds a game, but wants to help Bragnani get some. He was right about Shaq too. I saw him in that movie Steel and I think RooPaul could do a better job. The only reason the other guy (Amundson) had a good game on the suns is because CB4 was too busy stopping Shaq.

CB4 is not leaving Toronto, they have asked him many times and he says he is just worried about making Toronto better.

I also think that reporters are mean to him. He is our best player, and should not have to answer questions about the team not winning. What is he supposed to do, be better than the other teams players.

CB4 is the best and I just sent him an email to tell him.
Raptas said CB4 has no swagger therefore he is mediocre (he was subsequently banned). On March 5th we signed Pops Mensah Bonsu and no one had heard about him before or what position he really played. He subsequently became a fan favourite with a dunk against the Bulls. Ettore Messina was discussed as the potential next coach of the Raptors with me and Snooch leading the way and Gordon, Belinelli and Crawford were all discussed as potential SGs for the 2010 edition of the Raptors (guess who we got?)

Marion apparently wasn’t interested in resigning with Toronto. Ugo, take it away:


lol again, god plz no turkeyglue!!! we will stink for ages and ages and ages, go for Marvin or something

Turkoglu is going to be asking for big dollars. I'd pass on him. Marvin Williams is interesting, I'd take a run at him.
We discussed what a franchise player is. iRaptor believed that a franchise player must handle the ball. Others said it’s the main guy on a team, or the team’s whipping boy. Snooch discussed whether or not the first pick (if the Raptors won it) should be traded and who it should be traded for and TO believed we should go after Josh Smith. BJJS was impressed with Nate Jawai as was SJ. LX argued for freeing Roko as he was responding to the notion that Triano plays rookies.


He played one minute yesterday.

How does Triano not get crucified for that?
RAPTORSBESTFAN made another appearance with a Bargini sucks thread (spelt incorrectly on purpose).

So what if he is getting better numbers latley, its only been for 2 months, and its only because he is getting more time. Look at CB4 he gets lots of points too, and they get him the ball more so he is better. Bargnini is good at the begining of games, but then he doesn't do anything, his teammates don't even pass him the ball because they know. I don't understnad why everyone loves him and not CB4. At least CB4 likes to get the final shots, even if he is triple teamed, he at leats gets the ball up. Also Bargnini is playing better on d-fense, but that only because Bosh is letting him get rebounds. He also only gets blocked shots because they don't want to go at CB4. Why does Bargnini shoot the 3 all the time, he is a PF and should be dunking, all it does is leave an empty spot in the lane when he goes to shoot, sure it would be good if we accually had someone cutting in there, but since we don't Bargnini SUCKS!!!!!.


I love every Raptor except for Barginani (better?). CB4 and I are friends on facebook, I bet Andrea doesn't even have facebook. I just don't like it when people say he is better.

Also I went to the game on Sunday, and yelled at Bosh, to score at least 30...and guess what....he did....so there.


Hahhhhhhhh! What are you, 9? Are you sure you're computer isn't on parental lock. Are you allowed on the internet, little girl?

You actually think Bosh gives a flying fuck that you're his friend on facebook? Wow!


Jealous much?

Trust me I'm old enough to be your father, and if I had an extra $5 on me that day I could be.

I'm also confused did you pass grade 4 spelling? "You're" is short for "you are".

Like This

You're a dummy


Just close this thread down now please. NO ONE and I repeat NO ONE will top this line on this thread LOLOL.

Raptorsbestfan if you don't mind I'm saving that line when its suitable for a real life occurance LOL
Carlos Delfino was listed as the sexiest Raptor the decade. Pops Mensah Bonsu called out the team for not playing hard and Feschuck announced that Triano would be back next year. Marion was also pissed and was trying to light a fire under his team’s ass. It was March 13th. A little too late. Bjjs announced that AP sucks and that his over helping is hurting the team.
DK announced that if the Raptors make the playoffs he would:


take the whole week off and do nothing but scream "ANYTHINGS POSSIBLE!


i will cut my left ball off


i will streak at a Raptors playoff game and give free promotion to raptorsforum.com by writing it all over me ahahahahhaha and then ill go and take jays drawing board and smash it on the floor


I'll shave my head and leave the 'ducktail'


Eric Smith gave props to Acie for coming up with the British Bulldog moniker for Pops. Renihan in response to the fan treatment said Raptor fans were awesome because of the treatment we gave Pops:


People can rip on Toronto's fan's all they want. Yeah we are hard on athletes that don't try but I willing to be you aren't going to find another city that is going to give a guy a standing ovation just for busting his hump.

That's what we do. If you work hard for us we support you, if you are lazy we aren't giving you any love.

You won't see this being mentioned on any US stations will you?

I think this will motivate other players more than anything. If I was CB4 I'm saying "WTF, POPS is getting a standing ovation and I can't?"

We're great fans.

The Raptors learned that they hated the green uniforms they were forced to wear and John Hollinger didn’t understand how we were as bad as we were because his calculation showed we had to be much better. Bosh’s legal issues entered the forefront with his ex-girlfriend being accused of being a drop out and other crap. Benzo had this proclamation:



3 years...like I said...

He is a better defender, shooter, passer, shot blocker and weapon on offense.

I'm calling it.
The thread was called It’s OFFICIAL


you know what, kudos to you Benzo... kudos to you.
since day one you've been a Bargs supporter, and i believe SJ too... even when he was horrible (and theres been a few stretches over his NBA career where he has been god-awful), you stuck by his side and continued to support him, when everyone else threw him under the bus.

now that he's blossomed into a bonafide player in this league, you have all the right in the world to say "i told you so".
i salute you.
On March 27th we had the official RF game were SJ, Benzo, Barracuda, Fancy, Hoops, Dann38 and everyone had good times. Cuda had a blog to it (go to the March archive)

Shambled Ramblings: March 2009

dmbphan had this to say re: Bosh.


Anyone else with me?

I just don't like Bosh's attitude.
Jeff was upset at the Tim Horton’s Roll Up the Rim. iRaptor wondered if Don Cherry was racist and Windex wondered if Canadians liked curling. Gurk wondered about getting a Brazillian wax. We discussed what to do during March Break. Funkie needed home owner advice as he was considering purchasing and the Watchmen movie was discussed and how incredibly awesome it is. Gurk would take this with him on a desert island:
..if you were stranded on an island??? You can only choose three things and they can be anything.


I would take internet, laptop, and a worlds supply of chicken

Internet and laptop so I can go on RF, LOL. And Chicken because it is my fav food and I can survive on that

What would you take??


A hot woman.


Yeah, really. Gurk! Get your head out of your ass. A computer and chicken over a woman? How about, internet, laptop and a hot chick? Die hungry, informed and happy.


Les Stroud

On to the MOM and the Nominees for the MOM were: LX, DK, Krazy Ivan, Ugo and a few others.

Winner was:.....well it was a tie. Both LX and Mango were named MOM’s. LX:


Milk and Cookies for everyone!


Thanks a lot peeps. I can't top LX's gift of milk and cookies, all I have is my gratitude - ............and a promise that if we all link up one day, I'll buy the first couple of rounds.


we voted for change and hope! that evil tyrant gurk is out of office now! you are our saviour's!
Notables who signed up this month were: A00715890 and christopha. Sadly, Raptas was never seen or heard from again.

That bring March to a close. See you in April!!!

jeffb 12-23-2009 12:29 PM


“If Jay Triano is back next season, i'll lose all respect for Brian Colangelo. Now is his chance to bring in "his guy" from outside the organization. If that man is Jay Triano (which isn't from outside the org.), then it'll be official, BC has lost his marbles! Jay is one of the worst coaches in the NBA and is way worse then Sam was.

No way does BC bring Jay back imo.”
Hahhhhhhhh! Too funny.

I haven't lost "ALL" respect for BC, but it still remains his worst decision since being here. lol

BTW, these are great. Nice job. :thumb:

Windex 12-23-2009 12:29 PM

INSIDER :nonono:
Jack is better than you thought

Benzo 12-23-2009 12:34 PM

Ha...Jeff....RBF owned you...

Seriously CG, each month is topping the next. Thanks for bringing up that game we all went too, that was good times....

Except for Hoops, ugly ass green jersey.

'trane 12-23-2009 12:37 PM

great work again cg!

fancylad 12-23-2009 12:37 PM

this is the best one yet, C.

I thoroughly enjoyed the duck story.

fancylad 12-23-2009 12:38 PM

btw. We really need to get another game going this year.

DVS 12-23-2009 12:42 PM

awesome job. Also, that line by RBF was used in real life during two occasions this year.

THanks man hehe

INSIDER 12-23-2009 01:12 PM


Originally Posted by Windex (Post 296754)
INSIDER :nonono:
Jack is better than you thought

hahaha, these reviews can be killers when past posts are brought up.
Great job CG, March was fantastic!:yeah:

Snooch 12-23-2009 03:53 PM

good job.

And I really wish Messina was the coach still. I like Jay, but comeon.

DuCa00795 12-23-2009 04:09 PM

haha Jeff predicted that Jay was going to suck to. good job Claud.

Dark Knight 12-23-2009 04:17 PM

I don't remember being nominated in March. :confused2:

Gurk 12-23-2009 04:34 PM

Nice job Claud'. I really liked this one. And can I have the link to when I said I wanted a brazillian wax. Cuz i don't remember that :p

Dark Knight 12-23-2009 04:42 PM

Hey! I got 2 mentions! :dancing:

jeffb 12-23-2009 07:06 PM


Originally Posted by DuCa00795 (Post 296850)
haha Jeff predicted that Jay was going to suck to. good job Claud.

He does suck

Dark Knight 12-23-2009 07:22 PM


Trust me I'm old enough to be your father, and if I had an extra $5 on me that day I could be.
Where have I heard this before? ;)

Benzo 12-24-2009 12:15 AM


Originally Posted by Dark Knight (Post 296919)
Where have I heard this before? ;)


MangoKidHoops 01-04-2010 12:14 PM


Originally Posted by Benzo (Post 296756)
Except for Hoops, ugly ass green jersey.

I got one for you. Come to the green side. We have the best cookies.

Acie 01-04-2010 12:37 PM


Great job!

Stonezz 01-04-2010 01:51 PM

Lol nice. Ugo Ferst or whatever was a cool dude.

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