YEAR IN REVIEW -- February 2009
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Default YEAR IN REVIEW -- February 2009

Welcome to February.....2009. So, last month (January) came and went. Let’s see what happened in February.

Snooch continued in his anti-Bosh campaign early on by quoting a Tim Chisholm piece. Dooodo mentioned that Raptors are extinct, which brought out Ugo Ferst’s impression of sheep:

“i know, loyal to a fault, definately not the kind of fan MLSE wants to shit on regularly, i mean i should show undying love for a company that has never really tried to spend the $ nessicary to bring a championship to Toronto, despite having some of the highest ticket prices and most loyal fans.... go be a sheep if it makes you happy, baaaaaaaaaa”
And Quad Core:
“CHRIS BOTCH.the fabricated allstar.”
Adobo mentioned on how the 2009 season should be blamed on the fans, because well, we’re too tough. Here’s what he had to say:

“Not in just the Raptors, but also at the fans. I was at the game today. I know, we are all frustrated in the poor play, but come on. This is supposed to be a home game. We are SUPPOSED to have the advantage.

The truth is, there is even more pressure playing at home then away. Today at the ACC, I sensed a lot of hostility. The VC like boos after a simple missed shot ruined people like Bosh's, Bargnani's, JO's, and even Solomon's confidence. How are we supposed to get Bosh to resign if all we do is boo every mistake he does.

I know the feeling we all feel now: disappointed, angered, frustrated, but we have to support our team through the thick AND thin. We want to build on this franchise, not lose our franchise player.”
The Official Anti-Matt Devlin Thread got kicked into HIGH gear where a poll was put up on February 1st. Options were:

Joey With The Foul...
La Bomba!!
How You Like Me Now?
Calderon's Got Eyes!
Will The Thrill?!?!?!
Timmy Horton's
Jeff asked for “all of the above”

Jeaxz mentioned he loved the Raptors still, but Ugo mentioned he loves the players not the “corporation”

“So you cheer for a corporation and a logo on a shirt?? nice. I cheer for the players.”
The hypothetical situation of Chris Bosh being traded occurred with crazy trade proposals (refuse to go through them). Acie had this to say:

“If he's going to go, I say trade him now.

The sooner you can expand Bargs' the role the better.”
Ugo endearing everyone to his opinions:

“seriosuly, i wonder how dunce some ppl are sometimes, you are entitled to your opinions of course, and it seems alot of ppl are gleeful at this BS rumor.”
After going through that thread the highest contributors were:
Ugo with 14
Snooch with 14
Jeff 7
Snooch in a trade thread.....does it really surprise anyone?

Will Solomon was announced as a locker room cancer. Stephen A Smith announced Bosh won’t resign which started the trade CB4 rumors to no freaking end. HighonPsi:

“get 'r done Colangelo!! first optimistic thing I've heard in years!!”
“dammit!! BC is so soft, scared to trade Bosh...”
“We can get equal value (but in reality we can get someone who's NOT soft like Bosh) and someone who can finish games. The Toronto Raptors will be better if Bosh is traded.

JO will flourish and so will Bargnani, and the player we traded for will mix it up and be our go-to down the stretch.

This is an OPPORTUNITY for BC, looks like he's going to flake under the pressure now and take the easy road (keep Bosh).”
All the above of from Senor High. How hilarious is it that he wanted to build around JO?

Bosh and Jameer Nelson both commented on how the atmosphere in the Toronto wasn’t good. Bosh and Nelson (from

“``I don't think the energy is good. The energy in the building isn't good,'' Bosh said afterward. ``We get down a little bit and everybody is like 'Oh my god.' Everything just goes to shambles and I think we feed off that too much. We can't pay attention to what's in the stands.

``I don't boo,'' he added. ``If you have a bad fiscal year, how about I boo you?''

Nelson even had something to say about the hostility the crowd showed toward Bosh and the Raptors.

``I don't think that is right for any players,'' the Magic guard said. ``Everybody has a right to do what they want at a game because they pay their money, but at the same time he is out there fighting and playing hard. You shouldn't boo the guy, he is an all-star and is great for this team. I don't think he deserves to get booed, I don't think the team deserves to get booed.''
Acie responded with:

Go play in NY you whiny little bitch. They'll eat you alive.

JESUS H. CHRIST does Chris Bosh have some huge character flaws.

Question: Why do we always end up with mentally weak franchise players? things get tough and they want to run and hide... Little do they know that they had a hand in things getting to the level that it's at.

if Bosh leaves its all your fault toronto because you guys dont know how to stay loyal through thick and thin your all asswholes what player would want to come to toronto if they knew they had the pressure of beeing good or getting booed
Which I responded with:

1. learn to spell

2. stay in school

3. learn grammar rules

4. learn what punctuation is

5. grow the fuck up

6. please never come back

7. i'm serious about number 1 through 6
Jeff called Don Nelson smart. Yup folks, the man who currently says he’s a moron called him smart. Here’s the quote:

“I would do it as well in a heartbeat. So would Colangelo, but Nelson balked at doing it. He's a smart man.As much as graham is playing well now he's not a viable long term starter in this league.I think Belinelli has way more upside. That is a no brainer deal from our perspective. Unfortunately it is on their end as well. Lol”
TO announced his hate for Moon and Solomon and apparently joined the dark side as he could no longer champion for them. SJ mentioned that Carter needed to be brought back ASAP at which points Bmats exploded with excitement. Rapsman99 even had to join in on the fun. TO mentioned he’s enjoyed watching Joey, Roko and Andrea play and mature.

“In the midst of all of this depression I just wanted to say that I've really enjoyed watching these guys grow this season. Not to say that they're finished products by any means but all 3 give me a lot of hope for the future.”
“The 3 of these guys should honestly be untouchable.”
Rasam got in on the action with this quote:

“Looks like Amare might be out, can you imagine Amare, AB, and JO?

I can. Defense and rebounding are both there.

Send Bosh away, with AP and fillers...keep Jason and add Jose, we will have a sick lineup. We will get another star, arguably better for our team...and build around that.

BC took Amare maybe a little relationship?

I don't know...but this team SUCKS right now...and guess what? Jay didn't do no voodoo magic bullshit.

And Sam is the better coach, hands down.”
On February 13th we had the Jamario Moon appreciation thread started by SWAN. In a thread where even ardent posters who dislike Jamario, there was still this gem.

“Don't let the door hit you on the way out!”
C’mon, guess who that was. I’m sure Janet would know.

Bmats a guy who loves VC by the way had this to say: good riddance. Why? Because he laughed while playing. Really? VC NEVER laughed or danced when apparently injured.

Thriller never saw Marion as the answer.

“Hes a rental for half a season so BC can get the cap space he wants to try and build around Bosh and be successful for next year so he can convince Bosh to stay and hopefully build to make us contenders.

The only way Marion works in the longhaul is if we somehow get a Rip Hamilton or Michael Redd in the offseason as well and be built like the Pistons were with 5 capable GOOD players at each position which I dont think is really possible with the salary cap era.”
RAPTORSBESTFAN had this to add:

“We are going to win the championship this year,. The ONLY REASON WE LOST TO CLEVELAND was because CB4 wasn't playing. He is better than Lebron so we would have won.

SEAN MARION is awesome, he will be able to get the ball off of rebound and pass it to CB4. Remeber when we all were chanting MVP at the start of the year, we will do it again soon.

Patrick Bryant is tall so he will get baskets easier, I love the way BC gets players that seem useless but are really awesome.

When I was at the game, I yelled "Hi" to Bosh, and he kind of turned around, I think he looked at me.

Additional RAPSBESTFAN comments:

Is facetious like poo? I forget the word.
Pye_guy announced he’s not a CB4 fan. Of course, RapMan99, QuadCore, Snooch and Highonpsi all joined into the foray and discussed how awesomely mediocre Bosh is. Will Solomon was traded and no one cared and Jeff wanted to bring in Ben Gordon and team him up with Calderon. Marion apparently enjoyed the strip clubs in the city and RapMan99 declared he’d be finished as a fan if the same team was brought back next season.

I ended up creating the overuse of ‘LOL’ thread and how at one point on this board, certain members after every sentence they wrote put ‘lol’.

I then followed it up with this:

“TO, it's not only the LOL that bugs me, it's when some people place it in every post, in every line or at the end of every line.


I have a cat. lol. It's name is muffy. lol. It lives in a yellow house. lol. I think we should trade this muffy cat in its yellow house for a red cat in a house. lol.”
On to who was the Member of the Month and well it was Gurk. ‘Cuda had this to say:

“Can I just say that I knew of his greatness already....

I already picked him as my Valentine.

It's meant to be.”
Gurk’s response:
“LOL thanks to everybody that voted for me. And let this be known, there will be CHANGe”
And well, that’s it for February. Stay tuned for March.

PS. All spelling mistakes are from the original quotes.
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Awesome.....A few banned people in there....

One of which I know is still lurking around......

The early days of RBF really were the best, they made me LOL....

CG, our resident historian does it again.
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great read CG!!!
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haha, that was fun
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a.....mazing..i need to be more active so i can find a place within the official RF Archive
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february was a pretty shitty month raptor wise eh?

nice recap Claudius!
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haha. Nice Claud'. I love reading these. Also, I forgot that I won MotM in February. Nice to relieve that
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is back baby

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Love it.
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effin' ineffable

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those were some nasty times
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PS. All spelling mistakes are from the original quotes.
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