One last special award presentation!
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Thumbs up One last special award presentation!

We have one more award to hand out. It's a special one-time prize to recognize the special contributions provided by one Grannyfro. Fear the Fro!

We would like to award Granny with the Offensive Player of the year award. If there is going to be an award for defensive abilities, then Granny deserves one for consistently offering posts for which there is no defense. At least they often seem indefensible at first glance, but as his acidic insights take hold within our stagnant neural networks, we are all left to only bow down. He deftly pushes the envelope, but never goes overboard anymore than he needs to in order to dampen the glue strip.

If there can be a tweeter account called Shit My Dad Says, then there really ought to be one called Shit Grannyfro says. It might look something like this:

in my opinion beasley is going to pass Bargnani this season. A josh hamilton sucess story(beasley finds jesus), that and who else is going to get touches in minny? flynn?love?

no your fatigued because you smoke, drink every night and are extremly out of shape. Looks like he's going to play the euroleague offseason card all the time now

horrible dunk, just pitiful. The kind of dunk that makes me ashamed to be white. Seriously, kleiza had no right to be that excited and i'm sure he was dissapointed in himself after getting the chance to see the replay. A truely piss poor dunk that had no business getting its own thread

let me just add this, If kleiza makes the allstar team i'll chop my balls off

Dark knight you use way too much logic for a kid. Go smoke some drugs, tone it down a bit

Oh suits, how professional. I wouldn't trust my coach if he wore a suit, if i had a coach

NY is not great but definitelly better then us. I don't under estimate the intimidation of Dantoni's moustache. amare is better then anything we got and although extremly dumb looking gallinari pretty much brings what our current best offensive talent at the moment brings

I dont care how many points Bargnani scores because when your getting 6 boards a game as you eat up 35+ minutes a night at a big position and you fight for position every 1 out of 10 plays then i still say your struggling. Just another season where opposing bigs live off offensive putbacks and no bosh's defence to blame it on any more

am i the only one in this world that hates amundson? awe well, i hope that energetic hippy blows out his knee

bargnani should come off the bench until he starts rebounding and stops letting opposing bigs get as deep position as the want 9/10 times. his head won't come out his ass until he's benched and treated like a ho

looks like the oversized calfs have struck again, jose hammy's just can't take the strain lifting those tree stumps around. I've been quite supportive of jose and made it known that i wouldn't complain if he stayed but now after hearing this i'm starting to hope he gets hedo treatment from the crowd. BOO the shit out of him

he's from comptom, he's not afraid to lay a hard foul on a superstar, mouthguardless, he's no pussy.
Pussy is the guy in the summer league who's forehead colided with derozans face . Derozan walked it off until he left to get a nelly bandaid, the other guy was on the floor holding his forehead and needed a play stopage too eventually be subbed out of the game. Thats forehead to cheek impact for you

I almost hope there is a lockout for three years so dirk see's less then he would have while his skills deteriorate.

Break a guys teeth with your elbow then moan on the floor while the guy with no teeth walks to the locker room. Disgusts me, how does this guy get any calls?

Why is the RFG peeing in the sink? Its turning me on
edit:Never mind its a bathtub and i'm smoking lots of grass today

Can people please get off this bargani 2 blocks a game shit, specially if he's going to be rebounding 8 per(show me) and possibly even playing PF which will mean more running all over the place(away from the basket) and more switching to help guard pick and rolls which will essentially will lead to less blocks.
Wouldn't be surprised if this season was his career high in blocks going forward and i wouldn't complain if he started rebounding. He's not, just not in the shot blocking mould, his lift is minimal flat footed without a run. He's 7 feet, he can surprise people from time to time but 2 blocks from bargnani? come on

i've heard if you give the strippers 100 bills she gets completely naked. My game must have just had a glitch cause i tried it for hours and hours and never even saw a nipple

actually its quite true and he forgot to add that he has never went to the floor for a loose ball in 4 seasons, he's rarely is gassed cause he's lazy, and flat out doesn't fight for rebounds or defensive position(nobody outside this forum thinks Bargnani man to man defense is good, yes i said man to man not talking about his completely ridiculous team defense due to lack of defensive focus and once again laziness)

But having said all that i still would give him another 2 seasons before giving up hope. Keep him unless a great deal pops up

id rather move Calderon but truth be told im not concerned about the PG position with what we have, even defensively. PG is the smallest and most skilled position on the court, i dont care if you've got a young gary payton you aint stoping an oppposing PG from getting where he wants without good team defense. Yeah Calderon is slow but jacks feet move just fine and Calderon is an efficeint passer with a completely different look. I have no problem with the combo, they should just pass to hedo a little less.

i'll say it again, Fuck ellis
ballhog PGs are a dime a dozen, mike james coud have done what ellis does with that amount of shots. I'd take my chances on the heartless magician

you dont have to sleep with kobe, just use him for a few cheeseburgers and boot him the fuck out
This stuff is ripe for a post-graduate dissertation, but I'll spare everyone from that, except to suggest that there is a wonderful interplay of the profane and the sacred, in which the hype and bullshit of the NBA is undercut in order for the sacred elements of the game to continue to be recognized by us all. And for that we would like to give special recognition to Grannyfro as the one-time-all-time RF Offensive Poster!
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Funny stuff there Grannyfro.
P.S. My granny has a granny fro. lol
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never too old.
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i love granny.
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I'll just say it's a treat to read his posts. a real fucking slice.

keep doing your thing granny.
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Always, always tune in to Granny's posts.
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is dead inside

you ain't bout that life
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Haha, nice. Congrats
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Dark knight you use way too much logic for a kid. Go smoke some drugs, tone it down a bit
I Granny.
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how come ive never seen any of granny's posts?
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I can't even win that one.

There has to be a rasheed wallace honorary award for being slapped with t's and being suspended as much as I have!

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hahaha sj. You'll always have a place in my heart.
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is too lazy to respond, you win

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awesome , i had no idea i had won this until today. I feel like such a god damn hero right now, like 13 hits from the bong all at once.

Let me just say thanks for the love and that i'm more overated than kevin love, probably as much as matching socks because really who gives a fuck if your socks match

makes no difference in comfort!
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