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Default Arenas Rips Jose A New One

Gilbert being Gilbert I guess.

Originally Posted by Arenas' Blog
On the East side, I donít know if there were any big snubs. I mean, some people wanted Jose Calderon. Jose Calderon? Who? Come on man, this is All-Star, people. When Iíve seen some of the names that are being thrown around on the ticker as snubs, itís killing me. I understand Calderon has the best assist-turnover ratio in the league, but you know whatís funny? All back-up point guards have the best assist-turnover ratios. Screw it, Kevin Ollie should be an All-Star then! For like five or six years, Ollie was No. 1 in assist-turnover ratio!

An All-Star is an All-Star! Heís playing at a high level. That means, if you take him off the team, that team should fall down if heís that one guy. An All-Star means that he is dominating the game of basketball. Itís not even about numbers necessarily, itís about dominating.

I could probably say that Richard Jefferson got snubbed maybe Josh Smith too. His 18 points, 10 rebounds and three blocks puts him at No. 14. Richard Jefferson is No. 13. Turkoglu is No. 15. But, El Calderon? Come on.

Iíve been loving the way heís been playing for the last two years. When he first came into the league he was a little timid and scared to shoot the ball, but heís taking over that team. But All-Star? Heís about 20 years away from being an All-Star.

This is the difference between Antawn and Caron stepping up with me out and Calderon stepping up with T.J. Ford out: Antawn is second in the league in double-doubles and thereís only five players in the league averaging 20 and 10 Ė heís one of them. Thereís Dwight Howard, Al Jefferson, Carlos Boozer, Chris Bosh and Antawn. Four of those five are All-Stars and their teams are winning. Caron is playing at a high level. Heís taking over the game when heís been playing Ė All-Star. Calderon is managing a team. If he was up for Rookie All-Star, Sophomore All-Star Ö BOOM Ö heíd get in. He might even be MVP! But for the big show? The big game? No.

You know what? Iím sorry people. I think Iím biased because my team was fifth in the Eastern Conference and I was averaging 29, five and five and I got snubbed off the All-Star game. So maybe Iím a little biased. I was in that Larry Brown era, so, my fault. You know what? Calderon might have been an All-Star. I canít look at my situation and judge everybody elseís situation in the All-Star game. I guess my 29, five and five and being in fifth place wasnít good enough at the time.
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