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Originally Posted by pimpery View Post
I said above, he isnt always motivated, but when he is... and no1 has named 1 player (including KG) that can do all the things at as high a level as Rasheed can do when he really wants to.
He CAN do them, but does it once every blue moon, so who cares? VC CAN be the best player in the NBA but only plays like it once a year. Rasheed right now is Detroits anchor on defence and the 3rd option on offence. He isnt anywhere near KG's league. Please stop with the CAN talk. I love Sheed, but the guy just doesnt have the takeover attitude to be the bigtime player he should have been.

I agree with Bel that Detriot is the best team in the league bar none, and i think they are gonna turn it up a notch in the playoffs this year (something you cant guarantee in Boston, basically 0 proven playoff players)
KG, Allen and Pierce have all taken their teams to the conference finals where all of them basically overachieved. Again, they shouldnt be punished for their GM's ineptitide. Posey has won a title. The rest I guess are question marks but all have shown a ton of poise this year in late game situations, and stepping up into roles that most(you included likely) didnt think they had the brass or talent to do(Rondo proving to be an excellent PG fit, Perkins C, Powe and Big Baby etc.)

and if they want it like i think they do, they will make the finals and i would make them the fav if they do.
Hard to see how theyd be a favorite over any of the teams thatd come out of the insane west. By Finals time after beating 3 very very good opponents, the Western teams confidence will be sky high and their talent and chemistry will be too much for Detroit(IE SA, LAL, PHX...DAL I think DET could beat though)

See for these guys in Boston, most of them arent used to the pressure of being the best team or the favorites (KG has been, and look how well it has worked out for him...)
Please tell me, besides the year the Wolves went to the conference finals, when has KG's team ever been a favorite in any series they played? Theyve always been the lower seed and underdog because Mchale is a jackass and shouldnt have a job. Dont throw shit out there you cant back up.

and i think are putting alot more stock in2 the reg season then detriot is atm, detriot is adopting a kind of SA attitude, wake us when the playoffs start, i think they are waiting to kick it in2 high gear then.
So Bostons trying their hardest every game and DET's coasting...Riiiight. You dont coast into 35+ wins this early in the season. Both teams have been guilty of coasting a couple games due to fatigue(DET earlier in the year, BOS a couple games before KG got injured) but neither has coasted IMO. The whole coasting theory is BS. Teams dont play up to their potential on some nights either due to fatigue from playing 4 days in 5 nights or back to backs or just playing too many minutes on consequtive nights. Unless you have another definition of the word coasting, I just dont see it. These guys are professionals and proven vets on great teams with good coaches, if you're not trying out there youll be benched.

As i said, time will tell, but i like my chances with Detriots experience and bench over the flavor of the year.
Flavor of the year now eh? You really hate them.
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