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Originally Posted by pimpery View Post
1st off, you just named a bunch of players with how many rings? Oh yea... how many clutch shots, playoff wins?? Oh yea... Detriot doesnt have the experience or the proven buckle down playoff D... Clueless is ppl crowning Boston half way thru the year, i guarantee they will gas.
Boston returned the favor in Detroit. I wouldnt exactly call a 2 point win crowning either, Boston had a chance to win it a possession before the Allen foul.

Granted your right, i do hate the Celtics for along time, but Detriot will simply outwork them and have the playoff know how and big shot makers to beat any1... Not to mention, you can say Big 3 this and that, but I'd take Rip over Allen, Billips (come on this is Mr. Big Shot himself) over Pierce and Rasheed (when motivated) does as many things as KG himself
I dont know why I should even bother responding to you saying youd take Sheed over KG. If KG was on the Pistons the Pistons would have been a dynasty. You're acting like KG's a cancer, his impact and greatness has been shown coming to a new team with new players and leading them to the best record in the NBA and the NBA's best D. Rasheed couldnt come close to that. KG shouldnt be penalized for Mchales idiocy. And Pierce or Allen>>Rip. Rip is the overrated one. Nice player on a great team but he isnt a bigtime player like Allen, Pierce, or Billups. He doesnt take a lot of shots in the 4th qtrs and they dont go to him much for a reason.

now lets get to the benches, every1 coming off Detroits bench is pretty much 6"5+ and many of them wide bodies which suites their style and definately suites the playoffs, these young guys Stuckey and Maxiell are revelations, i mean these kids got big futures, Murray is a serviceable guard, Amir Johnson is only gonna get better and he is another tall wide body who is willing to D and board up, Affalo is just a product of being on such a deep team, but believe me that kid has some game and is very decent, but only gets 10 min a game, you throw in the super experienced hunter who still has some gas left in the tank aswell as a couple of unknown 7footers from oversea's (i dont really think much of them but they are 7footers lol), i really think Detriot has the deeper bench in a big way, and overtime it will be shown and their style of D is ingrained in them. But it wont take long to see which one of us is right
Detroits bench has been garbage most of the year(especially the last 2 months). Their own fans would tell you that. You cant count on Hayes and their 2 rookies come playoff time, and dont even mention Amir Johnson, he isnt gonna play 1 meaningful minute in the playoffs. The only guys you can count on of those guys are Hunter and Maxiell, and thats if Hunter is even healthy. Compare that to Boston, you know what you're getting out of Posey(better than any of Detroits guys), House can be a gamechanger(cant say that about any of the Detroit guys outside of Maxiell), one if not both of Davis and Powe have been big off the bench since becoming part of the rotation, and Tony Allen's D is probably top 10 if not 5 at the swingman position in the NBA(not to mention in the last 10-15 games hes avgd near double figures). Detroit needs to make a move for a scorer off their bench IMO, theyve lacked that for a long time.

Oh and not to rain on ppls parade, but in the west we arent even a playoff team
Yeah, we'd probably be where Sactown is right now. The NBA should really look into making it top 16 teams instead of conference, what bad can come from it?
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