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Originally Posted by Benzo View Post
So are you suggestion that most "Liberals" are comfortable, adapting and being in a group with the platform of the Bloc and NDP.....if you think so...you don't know many Toronto Liberals..

This may in a strange way be a coup for Harper...if it goes to an election against a coalition.....

We will have a Harper majority
very unlikely. the coalition will dissolve itself when harper backs down, which he will. this has a greater chance of uniting the soft left than getting him a majority.

and yes, they are difinitely comfortable with a coalition. you keep insisting that it's with the bloc, but that's flat out wrong. the bloc has actually refused to join the coalition, instead saying they will support it only on confidence votes. what you are repeatedly insisting is a falsehood. the coalition is between the grits and the ndp only. the vast majority of liberals have no problem withn this as long as dion is not the leader, which he no longer is, and as long as it stops harper from governing like he has a majority.

and yes, i know lots of toronto liberals. i grew up in moore park, for crying out loud.
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