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Originally Posted by 'trane View Post
if harper had a majority, you would be right. the issue is that the people have spoken, and they didn't give him a mandate to govern like this. thus the true majority got together and tried to take the power that was rightfully theirs. all of it is moot anyways, because stevie is now hiding behind proroguing parliament to avoid a confidence vote. he'll back down on his ludicrous budget ideas, the coalition will be unneccessary, and all will go back to normal. democracy worked perfectly, imo.

well, i guess you ended up in a bad tax bracket. you can always donate some money and get your self back to a better spot. i suggest the united way...
Are you suggesting that the people that voted Liberal gave them a mandate to join a coalition???....Doubt it.

And Harper was in his full legal right to prorogue Parliment......its our democracy you love so much.

I will have to give less to the UW this year, because the government is choosing to waste more of my money on social programs to give Squeegy Kids an empty bed to waste
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