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Originally Posted by Tommy C View Post
Not even one member here said Demar is a complete player. Gotta love how you exaggerate things.

It was pretty obvious that MU wasn't planning to tank. Tanking can go either way. If you are lucky you can collect assets like OKC but if you are not you can end up like the Cavs. Tanking doesn't always work, but like LX said... The grass is always green over there...
We should dial that back a bit, MU outright stated he was assessing the pros & cons between a "rebuild" (he had stated he doesn't like the connotations the word tank implies - deliberate losing is not the right culture and he's far too competitive for that) and simply adding pcs. Lowry could have gone to NY but the NY media frenzy agitated Dolan as he was perceived as getting fleeced again at MUs hand for a 3rd time - first with Melo then with Bargs and now potentially with Lowry. Things changed and MU decided to stand pat. After the deadline he still stated nothing has changed - he'll stay in assess mode. Nothing is obvious.

As for throwing out the word all star - well it's relative, we all know it's at times nothing more than a popularity contest. Shit, players are hurt or have done little prior to the game, still become all stars based on nothing more than fan popularity. Just because DD was selected, which is great btw, doesn't mean as much if he can't sniff an all nba team. Why, because he's still fairly a one dimensional player and struggles mightily against players that are not just all stars but players that are all team selections and proven two way players. That makes him great in the regular season where he faces them spread over an 82 game season but when it counts he struggles mightily. It's not an indictment on my part that he's a bad player, not at all, just a statistical fact. Now the team is at the point were they can scratch out a lower seed but become exposed in the playoffs. Couple that with the difficulty with getting FAs and the result is, if you want high level talent the team needs to rebuild in the draft - that boat has somewhat departed the docks - at least this year.

The Raptors won't go far when it counts with DD leading this team. That doesn't mean we're saying he's crap just a statistical reality based on his play over a 5 year span. I don't want to trade DD for a so called all star either but what I would like to see are players that can contribute and elevate the team. There are players that are not all stars but are proven to be better 2 way players in both conferences that potentially could be had though even that is difficult as the team had few tradeable assets to begin with.

What I can see now is MU retaining current assets, drafting wisely, add some more pcs and picks. We can then enjoy the ride of the coming season, squeak into the playoffs, get knocked out in the first or second round. Then the team can rebuild in the summer of 2015 when MU has several assets to work with, cap space, picks and the allure of Drake marketing and a perceived rabid fan base.

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