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Originally Posted by Tommy C View Post
Not even one member here said Demar is a complete player. Gotta love how you exaggerate things.

It was pretty obvious that MU wasn't planning to tank. Tanking can go either way. If you are lucky you can collect assets like OKC but if you are not you can end up like the Cavs. Tanking doesn't always work, but like LX said... The grass is always green over there...
Well you missed the concept again. I never said he was a complete player, nor did any poster. I was being sarcastic, so you can call me that, after you incorrectly hung that on Dan.

Demar has flaws in his game. IF (I put it in capitals so you'll notice it) Masai decides to make a major move, other than Valanciunas, Demar is the asset that would net the greatest return. And NO, I'm not suggesting trading Valanciunas even though he might net even more than Demar. Despite the fact that I'm critical of Demar's game and don't think he's a vital piece to our ultimate goal , I've never said trade him for the sake of trading him. Every time, myself or some other poster suggest's trading him, you react , insisting we'll never get the value you seem to put on him. Frankly, Masai decides what value he should get IF(caps again) he moves Demar. If it doesn't meet your expectations, at least you'll know where Demar will be so you can follow his career( although you've said you're not really "a huge fan" of his, but those of us who criticize him are doing it just "to make a false statement").

Maybe you should trust Masai. He knows more than you.

BTW, I was the most insistent anti-tanker, just ask koolaid.Save your speech on what might or might not happen in tanking. It's been debated so much here that even the dead horse is begging for mercy.
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