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Originally Posted by Admiral View Post
the problem here is that everyone is expecting too much from him, he is basically an energy guy
skillwise this guy basically has none, he has a very average jumper, without the jumper how can he bait the defense to allow him the drive which everyone keeps telling him to do, now this already makes his driving to the basket difficult, now add in the fact that his ball handling is not good either, so how is he supposed to drive when he can't dribble properly
basically everyone is telling him to do stuff that his skills don't have
add in the fact that he's in his 2nd year so now all the teams know who he is and how to defend him, because if i was just able to list off his limitations i'm pretty sure the other teams can too
people are going to say that he was able to get to the basket and dunk last year more so than this, this is also because a lot of that was off broken plays, free flowing offense and alleys, well now we have jose as the only PG, jose basically runs the 2 plays, pick and roll/pop or the dump in to cb4, in those 2 plays it is pretty hard for there to be a moon to the basket, and jose doesn't know how to push the ball for some free flowing layup/dunk shots, and he is basically obviously to the back door alley
i have counted at least 5 times this year where moon was wide open for the alley and kept faking the jump because jose wouldn't even be looking for that and only for CB4
Good points, but this isn't on Jose. Saying he missed Jamario on alley oops is nice but what of all the other moments. The thing about Jamario is that he does have some skill and he's only really in love with shot right now. Defensively, I think he has played worst.

Then again, I said about a year ago, that once teams key on what he does, he'll become ineffective unless he develops a bigger repetoire. Sadly, I was right.
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