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Originally Posted by m5racer View Post
You my friend are completely 100% delusional. In close games like this, getting to, and making free throws is JUST as clutch as hitting a tough shot....some could argue that it is MORE clutch considering the fact that not only do you have to draw a foul, but then follow through making the two shots.

Also, its different if you chillin and you go shot some free throws, compared to just playing 45 min in a tight ass, physical basketball game. Do you realize the pressure that's on the player that is making those freethrows at the end of the game...80% 90% 99% free throw shooters still miss, and if that miss happens to come at that point your screwed.... making each free throw clutch at that point.

And I can guarantee with 100000000% certainty that if you stepped onto the court last night you prob wouldn't have been able to make 60% of your free throws, let alone 90%...especially if you were doing that on the away court....if your that good why arn't you playing in the NBA today?....man, you need a 24 hour ban just for stating that crap lol.
I can give you the bit about drawing the foul, but I just cannot get past this whole free throw thing.

1) Every player shoould make free throws, they are paid MILIIONS to play a game, that is one of if not the easiest shot to make. period.

2) and of course everyone will miss a shot, no one is perfect, but if a player consistantly makes over 85% of them, than them making 85% of them is nothing special. Demar has been averaging 89% from the line, he shot this game 91%. he could have missed 1, maintained his average and we still win the game. the time and place of the free throws attempted is irrelevant.

3) Im not in the nba cause Free throws aren't what puts you there.

Making a free throw is not clutch, if he is weak minded enough to let nerves bother him, then credit should be given for him being able to master his nerves. Not be clutch. Clutch is making a big play at the end of the game. Controlling his nerves is not a "big play"
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