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Originally Posted by DanH View Post
OK. So pardon my french here, but that was more stressful than it needed to be due to completely moronic coaching, and the disinterested play of one DeMar DeRozan. If you are a huge fan of DD, it would be best if you didn't read this post. It will likely only irritate you, to no one's benefit. If you're a huge fan of Casey, probably should skip it too. I apologize in advance for the length.

Fuck Dwane Casey. Chuck Hayes? Chuck Hayes??? How does JV not see the floor for 6+ minutes to start the 4th Q? He's 21. He can get back in after a 2 minute rest (plus the quarter break). Especially if you're going to yank him again come the 8 minute mark. How does DD have the ball in his hands down the stretch? Ever? Lowry is an infinitely better option, no matter what the defence is doing.

You know what? Those first 3 quarters, the Raps ran pick and roll down the Nets' throat, almost entirely initiated by their PG's. And it destroyed them, and their traps, and their overall defensive schemes, and killed their offence because it just sucks mentally to get scored on like that. And guess what? It worked great. And it stopped fucking dead in the 4th. Not because of the Nets. Because Casey a) put the ball in DeRozan's hands and b) when he finally started calling more pick and rolls, it was with Chuck Hayes setting the screen every fucking time. How stupid do you have to be to look at an offence that isn't working with Amir and Patterson in there, and say, I know how to fix this - Chuck Hayes. How could you not put Jonas in?

And DeMar. DeMar, DeMar, DeMar. You were the cause of at least 60% of the failed defensive rotations in the 4th Q. Joe Johnson scored as though you weren't even there. Then, when you got switched onto Anderson, you not once, but twice, pulled your usual 'drift down to the paint' defensive move, and forgot that a) you are providing no help in doing so and b) you have a man, his name is Alan Anderson, and he's now alone at the 3 point line. And both times, another teammate of yours figured that out before you did, ran out, and stupidly fouled him to give him a 4 point play. That was stupid of them. But root cause of the defensive issues? You all the way buddy. That's not even mentioning the 3rd Q, where you pretty much singlehandedly served JJ a run of 14 of the Nets' 16 points for a stretch (literally, 14 points on 6/6 shooting in 6 minutes), since the Raps (read: Valanciunas and Lowry, the real stars of this team) kept scoring to keep it a big lead.

And offensively? If I ever again see you WAVE AWAY A FUCKING SCREEN (from Amir Johnson, probably the most effective screen setter in the NBA) to go all iso-ball-DD-is-the-hero with like 10 seconds still on the shot clock and jack a fucking long contested two with the game on the line and under 2 minutes left in the 4th Q, I might just have an aneurysm. Oh, by the way, remember right after your coach called for the team to foul Blatche to force two free throws instead of the tying 3, and all the team had to do was rebound the ball. That's all, rebound the ball, game over. That's the winning play right fucking there. AND YOU DIDN'T BOX OUT. You dragged your lazy ass into the lane, jumping for the rebound with no fucking idea where your man was, and guess what, he fucking beat you to the ball, and the only reason the team didn't get ruined by it is because Blatche might be the single stupidest player in the league and threw the ball away. Because you were lazy, on the most important rebound of the entire fucking season. Lazy like you always are on D. You think Salmons is that much stronger than you that he can contain JJ? He can't contain JJ. That's why he puts effort into fronting, denying, bodying up. I just want to be clear. I HATE John Salmons and the way he plays basketball. And I am currently singing his fucking praises in comparison to the way you play. Hey, you know Kyle Lowry? He of the 7-inches-shorter-than-you stature? He got switched onto JJ a couple times, and he contested his shots better than you did even once all game.

You know what DeMar? I gave it a shot. I bought into the "someone has to take the tough shots" arguments. I watched you do nothing on defence all year, and I bought the reasoning that you were improving, because how could a key member of a top 10 defence not be at least decent at defence? I appreciated the improved passing, the potency of your drive game and ability to draw fouls. And all season, I said, I still think you're the one to go if this team is to get better. But I'll give you a shot. And as the season went on, you played better and better. You still took too many jumpers, but you passed a bit more, you got to the line, and the offence was clicking, so maybe you were serving a purpose. You even showed a little life defensively.

But you know what? I wanted to see you get better. I really did. So maybe I didn't really see what I thought I saw. Because tonight, you showed none of that. You know the 2nd quarter? That stretch of the game where the lead went from 3 points to 20? The best the team has looked all year? You played 9 important minutes in that Q. You played some D. And guess what? You took ZERO shots. Not one, and the offence was better than it's ever been. And the defence was good too. Good for you. Then you stopped fucking playing. And thanks very much for that. I'm not going to be apologetic or half-assed in my stance any more. You made it very clear what has to happen for this team to go anywhere.

You've gotta go, man. I appreciate the hard work you put in in practice to try to develop your offensive game. And kudos for knocking down those free throws. Got the win, good job. But I can't watch you any more. I'll keep cheering for you. I will. You're on the Raptors. That's all it takes for me. But you've gotta know - you've stopped giving me other reasons to cheer. I just have the one now.

Did you see Jonas Valanciunas, in the 2nd Q, after Teletovic missed the first of two free throws? He grabbed the ball, and screamed in triumph because the opponent missed one free throw. That right there. That's called caring. One point. Worth fucking celebrating. Meanwhile, you have no issues giving up 2 (or 3 or 4) because of your lazy defence, or throwing away possessions with your iso ball offence.

Again to all here, I apologize for the language, and the length. That 2nd half, and specifically 4th Q, was the most frustrated I have ever been with a player-coach combo (and I include Bargnani-Triano in that). Just needed to vent. And I am actually really happy that we won (more relieved than happy after that abomination of a 4th Q). I'll be excited as hell come Friday for the Raps to close this bad boy out and go take on the Heat. But I cannot watch what I just watched and come in here and post "good game boys." Because it's just not true. Not for some of the boys.

PS - Great games from JV and Lowry, as usual. Vasquez brought what he needed to bring. Patterson was good, outside of the boneheaded foul and forgetting where Teletovic was a couple times, but GV and Amir managed one each as well, so tough to be too critical. Not enough minutes for Patterson. Not NEARLY enough minutes for JV. The wing minutes rotation was actually decent, except of course for DD playing at all in the 2nd half (seriously, 3 minutes into the 3rd Q I was praying he's get in foul trouble so he couldn't lead the inevitable defensive collapse). Would have liked to see some Fields, but maybe he's still hurt. Ross got going, which is great. Started with the D, got out and ran, and even early when he was missing he was aggressive. Just looked a lot better right out the gate, so it wasn't surprising (though it was very exciting) when he started nailing 3's. Amir seemed lost a lot of the game (though solid offensively) on the defensive end - too much jumping at shooters. Too many minutes for Amir this game - he struggled in his match ups, and was one of two starters (guess the other!) with a huge negative plus-minus.

This is easily the best post in the thread!
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