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Originally Posted by bjjs View Post
The eye test is all relative to the beholder of the eye.

What we're seeing with Demar is often the attempt to use numbers to invalidate what eyes are seeing which holds little credence to the owners of said eyes.
what some are seeing is something that cannot be validated either way, some people look at demar with rose colored. they want so badly for him to be something huge that they will find the smallest things to try and use that to validate their opinions of him as some sort of almost there star. like a "b" to the superstars of the leagues "a".

Some people can look at their wife and see the woman they married, the wife of their children and an angel on earth, but others might look and think they would fuck her with someone else s dick. I liken some of the responses in regards to demar to the previous.

And reason being is that some of the strongest arguements for the next stage of demar is that alot of statistical evidence that suggests otherwise.
as I pointed out earlier his improvements is something that can be measured, and it has been done. this "x" factor is something that on the basis of a logical arguement cannot be proven. If the numbers over his 35+ minutes a game over an 82 game schedule in comparison over last seasons numbers(which can be broken down by range etc) show that his shooting has not improved overall, has decreased in 2pt% and increased in 3pt% then you cannot say that the eye test says otherwise.

Now of course no one said his shooting had improved i dont think, was just an example.

There are times when demar looks unstoppable, but there are times he looks like shit. so when taking an average of the highs and the lows you get what the stats tell us. might not be the whole story but at least it has more credence to build a formulated opinion on that just saying I watched the game, it went down like this. Or Sam Mitchell says A, numbers say b, im going with sam.
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