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This is gold..
I'm in Winnipeg, and literally couldn't name a single person who watches basketball.

I couldn't name a player on the Raptors and I'm an absolute sports nut.
I can name you the Raptors starting lineup, who's going to catch for the Blue Jays tomorrow and give you my opinion on whether Kerr should take the Knicks job, but I haven't seen a full game of basketball or baseball this year. That's a sports nut.
You've said that twice and you must either have a very small group of friends or go out of your way to avoid basketball. I live in Calgary and haven't watched a game all year and I can name DeRozan, Johnson, Lowry, Valenciunas, Patterson, Ross, etc etc as could most of my friends, none of which are big fans of basketball.

I'm not saying this to brag (it's more sad than anything in my own opinion), but I think got the definition of a "sports nut" wrong.
Outside of southern Ontario and maybe Vancouver, 98% of Canadians could care less about basketball, I don't know anyone who watches.
I'd rather watch the Rangers and Flyers in pre-season than the Raptors in the finals.
From Canada... Showing basketball over the hockey game is ridiculous to me
Hmm Lets see: A canadian network decided to show canada's only basketball team (first playoff appearance in 6 years) and Toronto playoff team in major sports atm over a first round non-elimination game between 2 american teams and people question it?

I know its a hockey forum but logic should still apply here.

Did anybody actually watch game 1? The atmosphere was great.
this is unacceptable

outside of a couple small pockets nobody gives a crap about basketball

with all these channels on tsn/cbc/sportsnet atleast give it to another channel like sportsnet 360

for a flyers/rangers or just a nhl fan in canada to not have access to a live nhl game is insane, this better just resolved ASAP
if this game doesnt end up on a channel live, i will never forgive tsn for this, thank god they lost hockey

unacceptable, i pay about 150$ a month to bell mostly just for nhl, i better get all playoff games live, god knows they have enough channels, worst case just give it to a sportsnet channel, figure it out
there is no truth to that at all most people want to watch hockey over the nba crap all accross canada.
You must be part of the older generation, believe me all my university buddies in BC and Alberta and the maritimes are watching the Raptors.

The group of people that feels "alienated" by this choice of having Raptors over the Flyers game is significantly smaller than the group of people that would be alienated in the roles were reversed.
This thread is facepalm worthy. Raptors are a Canadian team, a home town team. Why the hell would they show a match up of a philly and new york team over a Canadian team in the playoffs in one of the big 4 sports?
I'm Canadian. Hockey is my favourite sport. I will be watching the Raptors game tonight. I have many friends who are in the same boat. You have to understand that it's a big deal to have the only Canadian team from one of the most popular sports leagues in North America in the playoffs.

But God forbid if the NHL isn't on every sports channel in Canada night after night. Yeesh...
so pissed right now, how tsn just trashes the game i want to watch and doesnt even have the courtesy to put it on nhl network

honestly this is the final straw, will be cancelling my bell service which i already was thinking about anyways
screw you tsn, no wonder everybody is moving away from tv

overpriced crap that doesnt even show the stuff they advertise

thank god hockey is taking off your horrible network, good luck with crappy basketball and other crap sports
No one's arguing that basketball is more popular than hockey in Canada. They're saying a Raptors playoff game is a bigger deal than a Flyers vs Rangers playoff game to a lot of Canadians.
I get that. I disagree.
You really are out on a limb imo.

I'm confident in saying most Canadians would watch any NHL playoff game

... over any NBA playoff game.

Canadians love them some hockey.

Thought everyone knew this.

Could this move have something to do with TSN losing their national NHL broadcast rights?
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