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Originally Posted by Ball Don't Lie View Post
No, I said his propensity to not use Serge/Collison and Serge/KD frontcourts for the majority of games, and continually go with Perkins against small teams, or any teams really, is mind bogglingly bad.

And yes, his playcalling late in games is horrible. You'd know that if you had watched a few games and didnt just look up team stats online and try to prove that he's a good coach with that, when superjudge could stand on the sidelines for that team and they'd win 55+ games. They continually lose games they should win because Westbrook runs out the clock and goes ISO with no movement in their offence, or they run a simple pindown set for KD, and then if the initial shot isn't there, their offence again reverts back to ISO ball with a set defence able to effectively zone the play and give no lanes for their best players to do what they do best.

It's odd because they've gotten better at it throughout the course of the first 3 quarters, but in the 4th quarters against good teams, they revert back to their bad habits. That's on Brooks, and I'm sure you'll see it again this year in the playoffs too.
League Pass helps with watching games from here now days as opposed to ten years ago when I had to resort to all day bit torrent downloading of "Game in an Hour" just to see some Raptors basketball. It was fun even back then listening to radio stream, watching the boxscore and then watching the game a day later and see it happen again. It gave an interesting perspective, especially discussing things with a lot of you guys back at Eze's. Back then, perhaps you could assume that I didn't watch enough games and in a way catch me off guard.

Last thunder game I watched was the other day against the Mavericks. They lost in OT. Granted, they could have run a less simplistic offense in OT but that game was decided by:
1) Dirk making shots no matter how well he was defended
2) Ellis being aggressive
3)The deciding factor were the offensive rebounds by the Mavs that resulted in open shots that were made. After that OKC became a bit desperate and started bombing from outside. Mavs played very good D. It was a fun game, I enjoyed watching Vince play. Still has some nice moves from back in the day. Brings back memories, for a few moments, it seemed as if he was wearing purple again. And yeah, I was cheering against Phoenix. Don't like that team one bit.

Offensive rebounds seem to be hurting OKC nowdays, Amir got a few key ones in the OT. Perhaps that is where they miss Perkins a bit. Maybe... that helps them.
As for that line-up, who goes in for Ibaka to give him a breather in that case? Hasheem Thabeet? What happens if Ibaka is in foul trouble?

Why put your best player out of his position for extended time? What impact will it have on his game offensively and defensively? How much more pressure it puts on him?

And how does the other team respond?

It seems to me that you are ignoring the other team a lot. Especially when it comes to late game play calling and "design". When you have KD(or someone like that), you give him the ball and spread the floor. You keep it simple. When you don't have KD(or someone like that), you go with more complex plays. Even then, the execution is very tough. Especially against good defensive teams. I'll switch on all your screens and you'll end up shooting a contested shot. It can work beautifully sometimes, that's why a lot of it happens. But it is not black and white and nothing is guaranteed.

Again it comes down to making a decision. What gives a team the best chance to win. What has worked in the past. Who has the hot hand. Whom do you have available. Who is guarding you. What they expect you to do. There are layers upon layers of conditioning, psychology, talent, form, mood, scouting, gut feeling etc..etc.. and yes, even luck, all of which plays a role in making the decision. And the record and the progress suggests Scot Brooks is doing a good job in OKC. Maybe he could do better but we will not know until somebody replaces him and actually does more, which in Scot Brooks case would be wining the championship.

As for Superjudge coaching that team to 55 wins, I know you intentionally went over the top to illustrate a point, I don't they would win 55 if You were coaching them let alone SJ with his toxic attitude. I can almost see him giving lessons to KD about how he played in college and was a mad dunker before his hip gave up on him.
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