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Default Dino Nation: CB4 Was That You?

I have to admit I was pretty taken back after hearing the interview Chris did the day after Sam's firing. Anyone else feel the same way or do you think how he answered the questions he responded properly?

Here's the interview for those who missed it: http://raptorsforum.com/f/showthread.php?t=4751

Here's James' take on it:

Originally Posted by Dino Nation
As many folks that read the blog are aware I call in to the Hoops show on a regular basis. I had just saw the comments of Chris Bosh on the firing of Sam Mitchell. He was asked a pretty typical media question given the events that have happened. The question was asked if Chris Bosh felt the team was responsible for Sam Mitchell being fired. I expected to hear the typical answer that was given by Bryan Colangelo. That answer is that we were all responsible for what has happened. But that is not what Bosh said. He said a flat out no. This was a choice made by management and the team was not responsible for it. I am not a fan of that. That is not the answer that I expect from the leader of this team. He would go on to defend that the team was only 8-9 and that there was a lot of the season to go. But I just really was disturbed by the comments and the way he said it.

Up to this point in the Dino Nation Blog I have taken the position that I was confident that Chris Bosh would re-sign with the Raptors and I was secure in that belief. I even went as far as to lay into Jalen Rose of ESPN for his comments about Bosh being a lock to join Lebron James in New York with the Knicks. Jalen said he knew and it was a sure thing. The question for me was how on earth would he know. I mean does he know Bosh? Sure and they may even still talk but I really have no idea. But given the character and loyalty that Bosh has shown I dismissed what Jalen said as a way to get ratings for ESPN. I am now not sure if I was wrong or right. Sam and Chris at least seemed to have a great coach and player relationship. I can not understand why Bosh would not feel some element of responsibility for him being fired. I am willing to give Chris the benefit of the doubt. It was obviously a shock to him to see Sam get fired. But who was Bosh angry with in those comments? Is he angry with Sam, was he angry that Bryan fired him? Or just frustrated by the question and the fact his team was in this position at this point.

I think everyone understands what a great season Chris has been having. I am not saying as an individual he should feel responsible for Sam being fired. I think you could build a case that Bosh and his development are a key factor in Sam Mitchell remaining the coach of the Raptors for as long as he did. It all just seems strange and out of character for Chris and I just don't know if it was a case of a bad day or something more. I have always said Chris Bosh is a smart young man and is one of the more media savvy players in the NBA and pro sports in general. I can't imagine he makes a statement with microphones in front of him that is not well thought out. I did not want to become one of the masses living in fear till 2010 but a few more comments like this out of CB4 and I may be on the worry express all the way to 2010. I always write this blog in a way that I try to tap into my honest feelings and emotions at the time I am writing it. That emotion and feeling right now is DEEP CONCERN.
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