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Default Hollinger's Chat Wrap: Raptors Related

Originally Posted by ESPN
Mark, Vancouver, BC: Were you surprised at Sam Mitchell's firing? The 2 and 3 positions are still huge issues on this roster. See anything happening there?

SportsNation John Hollinger: (4:10 PM ET ) I had speculated that he might whack Mitchell in my Insider Gems the morning after the Denver game (shameless plug), so no, it didn't surprise me. Raps have serious roster issues, as you mentioned; changing coaches now gives Colangelo a chance to see what a different coach can do before he starts trying for grander things in February.

Andrea Bargnani: I don't get why you've written so harshly about me, when by your very own metrics, I've made huge strides this season. And my defense has improved quite a bit (as the stats would also indicate). Why is it so odd the the 4th best PER on the team is getting starters minutes?

SportsNation John Hollinger: (4:24 PM ET ) Bargnani is playing better than last year, certainly, but he still can't guard 3s. And Humphries has out-PERed Bargnani every year in Toronto and is the same age, so I don't get why he's behind him in line for minutes. Actually the best thing to do might be to trade Bargnani, but I'm not sure Colangelo could stomach that.

Anton (Calgary): Raps are in need of a 3 that is true but How is it Graham Kapono Moon are not consistent contributers?? Coaching? Also with the Raptors roster who is a realistic option that might help?? Azambuke, Belineli McCants??

SportsNation John Hollinger: (4:31 PM ET ) I think they should go back to starting Moon at the 3 -- he and Humphries are among the best +/- guys on the team and have solid PERs but have had limited roles, especially lately. Graham is a mediocre backup, a good athlete wiith little feel for the game. Kapono is the one Triano might be able to get some results with -- somebody needs to slap him in the head and remind him to take 3s, take 3s, take 3s, and cut all this pump-faking and off-the-dribble nonsense.
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