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Wife and kids have been away so I watched some movies!!

Her - Surprisingly good considering the premise. Future OS so it's got some plausibility...not Siri. Joakim was great as usual but looked/Acted too much like Leonard on Big Bang Theory. Small distraction. I've been asking Hollywood for something original and this delivered somewhat. 8/10

Captain Phillips - Just another flag waving "we are smarter and more powerful" USA propaganda vehicle. 6/10

About Time - Dude finds out he can travel back in his own timeline. Rachel McAdams is his love interest. Just like she was in Time Traveler's Wife. So if I can travel in time I get a shot at Rachel? DONE!! English film that was a bit slow but very touching. 8/10

Bad Grampa (My 18 y/o nephew was over) - Not expecting much but had many LOLLZZZ. Premise is he is made up like an old man and they set up hidden camera stunts for unsuspecting people. Little boy was great. The Toddlers and Tiara scene is worth the watch. 8/10
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