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Default Enough with the crazy talk.

Trade Jose?

We should've kept TJ and Rasho?


Listen.... I appreciate the fact that last night's loss hurt BIG TIME.... and that we've already taken 3-4 of the most painful losses in Raps history this season in the first 17 games.... but I think that some of the stuff that I'm hearing is crazy.


The guy is PLAYING HURT right now. I'm 98% sure of this. He's not going whine and he's not going to make excuses but he's too much of a competitor to look this bad without something being seriously wrong. He's #2 in the LEAGUE in assists right now and is always near the top of the league in asst/TO ratio. You just don't give up on a player like that. 90% of the teams in the league would KILL for a floor general like that.


Was anyone questioning the value of this trade when he was putting up 5 double-doubles in a row? He was EXACTLY the player that we thought we were getting... perhaps even BETTER. He's a leader and he gives us a defensive presence in the paint that we REALLY need. I love Rasho but he's not half the player that a healthy JO is.

I also think that "the system" is broken on offense. As others have pointed out, there were NUMEROUS times in last night's game where our only set seemed to be... "clear out one side for a post player, let him go 1-on-1 and get everyone else on the other side of the floor". That is utter BULLSHIT. That's not basketball. I know that Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant have made plays like that look brilliant but that isn't how you run an effective offense in the long run. It's something that you MIGHT run in the closing minutes of a game with a star player who has a decided advantage over his defender. Trying to use it all game long is just ridiculous.

Re: Jose's defensive deficiencies.... There is no way that people are going to convince me that Jose is the worst defender in the league at the PG spot. NO WAY lol.... have you guys seen some of the backcourt players in the league right now? ORL is giving regular time to ANTHONY JOHNSON. How old is he??? 50? There's Nash in PHX, who everyone's said is an absolute pylon... Are Beno and Kevin Martin some sort of powerhouse defensive combo in SAC? Ben Gordon playing the 2 in CHI? Kidd and Stack who are friggin' ANCIENT in DAL? Ridnour & Redd in MIL?

Our entire defense is pathetic. And when that's the case EVERY player on the team looks like garbage. That's why you have people screaming at Bosh... screaming at AP... screaming at Jose.... etc, etc...

Until we get things fixed AS A TEAM on both sides of the ball the bitching's going to continue.... particularly when we play very good teams.

At this point I don't see how you possibly be against a coaching change. It's become painfully apparent that either Sam has no clue what he's doing or the players have just plain tuned him out. This is pro sports. You can't keep trading away players to try to appease 1 coach who hasn't won ANYTHING. Ask DAL if they're regretting that Kidd/Harris trade right now and if they shouldn't have just fired Avery instead. People want to bitch and bitch and bitch about how bad this roster is but how do we really know??? We've never seen another coach get a shot at handling out roster!

If it comes down to making a trade it only makes sense to deal Bargs. He's playing great right now and his trade value should be peaking. And he's a natural 4... not a 5... or a 3.... keeping both him AND Bosh while we have holes at other positions is just dumb.

My 2 cents.

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