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Carlos Danger
and that's the bottom line, cause JV said so!!!

This is how U(jiri) do it
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The Book of Kev-alations from Grantland

Over his last 11 games, Kevin Durant is averaging 38.1 points and does his postgame interviews from the right hand of God almighty, wreathed in holy flames.

Against him stood Kawhi, and he defended against the light of Durant, but the hand of Kawhi was smote and he was struck down and Kevin Durant splashed a jumper, amen.

Against him stood Ginobili — aged, wise, artful — and he stood against him and fell, cunningly, at the slight touch of Durant’s body that the refs might accuse Kevin of violence against his opponents, but the refs were silent, perhaps awed, and Kevin Durant splashed a jumper, amen.

Gregg Popovich watched Manu fall, and awaiting the blaring of the whistles but hearing nothing, was enraged, and bitter were his complaints over the violence done to Manu, whose body went limp and fell as does a rag fall when dropped by a careless hand, but the refs understood Manu’s cunning, had seen such schemes from Manu, and Kevin Durant splashed a jumper, amen.

Then Tony Parker came against him and his points even exceeded Kevin’s by one, such was the force of his will and the speed of his drives, but Kevin said unto Reggie Jackson, “You, too, will score,” and lo, Reggie had 27 points and eight assists and Tony Parker’s 37 points were swept away, and Kevin Durant splashed a jumper, amen.

Then Tim Duncan, whose legend stretches back 900 years, whose vanquished foes are named among the names of heroes, came against Kevin, and the stoutness of his defense allowed young Cory Joseph to lay hands on Kevin, and Kevin fell, but momentarily, then rose, clutching his shoulder as one does to allay great pain. Kevin went to the sideline, where his shoulder was stretched, and, finding it whole, he reentered the game, and Kevin Durant splashed a jumper, amen.
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