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Originally Posted by LX View Post
I guess it is not as much character assassination as it is judging DeMar by a higher standard. And i think a little unfairly. There's no doubt there are good points in the criticisms, but insisting on the terribleness of his shots, as if he intends to do nothing but take terrible shots, while insisting other players are just in a slump and have otherwise been solid with their hearts in the right places, skews towards making one guy a scapegoat.
Fair enough. Certainly not my intention. But if DeMar wants to be a star in this league (and from his commentary I believe that is how he views himself), he'd better get used to be judged by a higher standard.

Demar went to the basket at the end of the last game. Twice. It looked to me like forcing his offense too much, and the results were not good. Now had someone been able to open the lane up for him a little more, with a screen or pin down or just needing to be guarded closely, it might have looked different. I mean maybe he is just terrible, or maybe the team around him needs to continue to grow along with him.
Two shots is not a great sample size. The reality is that the bulk of the good things he does for the team happen when he drives the ball. He is wonderfully efficient if you look only at the drives, fouls he draws, and the kickouts off his penetration. Of course, you can't, and some semblance of mid-range game is necessary for that stuff to happen, but I'm not arguing for complete elimination of his game - just more balance. I'm not trying to say "DeMar is just terrible" - I'm saying he could be so much better, if not for certain tendencies. And I am by no means claiming the rest of the team is perfect. Just focusing on the topic I started on.

I completely agree that ideally the shots are distributed more evenly. And that is why it is so essential that Jonas should stop killing his own confidence and put in an honest effort. Instead he has been obsessing on misses to the point where it is effecting everything else, including Amir's game (is he in a slump or are his legs dead from defending extremely well, only to have Jonas not boxing out and/or finishing the play with a rebound). Jonas showed he could matchup against Hibbert and Chandler, only to become completely braindead. Instead of a boost to his confidence he has ended up with a cloud over his head. That has left a big hole that has effected everyone. Rebounding does matter right? Funny how Demar has been grabbing around the same number of boards as him for a couple weeks now. That's not a great thing. And it means there is more pressure on the offense to hit shots, and that usually means less willingness to take shots on behalf of some players, and less success in hitting shots that get made when there is less pressure.
Yes, Jonas has had a rough few games. Acknowledged. But the reason it stands out so much is because he is usually much better. I'm willing to give him a few games to get back in the groove. I've been waiting for DD to stop chucking for 3 years.

As for that rebounding comment:

In the last two weeks (8 games), DD has averaged 5.6 TRB/36.

In the same time period, JV has averaged 13.3 TRB/36.

In no single game has DD outrebounded JV. In two games, DD matched JV in rebounds. In those two games, JV averaged 20.5 minutes. DD averaged 38 minutes. I think your issue with JV's rebounding is that he isn't played enough. Perhaps you should take it up with Casey. Unless you have a problem with 13.3 TRB/36, which would rank 6th in the league among players with over 200 minutes played.

You need to look no further than Lowry last season, who in fact shot at a below average efficiency in the crunch. I can't quote you the exact numbers, i just know when i checked his performance on synergy at the end of the year, it showed a big drop-off in the pressure situations in fourth quarters. I can also remember quite a few shots where he took pull up 27 footers early in the shot clock. Now this season he has done much better. Mostly this team post Rudy has been about executing well. I would argue that DeMar and Kyle have consistently executed well. But it takes more than two guys to execute well when needed. Salmon is sorely missed. A confident Valanciunas is very sorely missed. He can slump all he wants, but at least play like you belong there, and help out where you can JV.
Yeah, last year was rough for Kyle. The years prior in his career and this entire year to date he has been far better. Again, agreed that JV and Amir need to step up.

With pieces of the puzzle missing they are going to end up needing to take contested jumpers or forcing drives that aren't there. Without a doubt, the contested jumpers in situations where the whole offense is operating well is inexcusable and worthy of words like terrible. When just about everyone else but Greivous and Kyle is a little afraid of taking shots, because of the increased pressure on making them, then a few guys taking less than optimum shots are going to look worthy of more blame than they should be.
This is fair. I hope you'll recognize that I've been leveling these complaints against DD's game for a long while now, and they are not specifically directed at these last few games.
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