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Originally Posted by bjjs View Post
The league average isn't awful...it's the average.
What's the league average percentage on a full-court heave? If a player takes a full-court heave on every possession, and hits them at league average rate, is he taking good shots or awful shots? Is his scoring efficiency good or awful?

Originally Posted by LX View Post
Wow. Sorry for bringing up the obvious truth that DeMar's success is linked to how the offense as a whole works or does not, or that the interior defense falling off a cliff is the biggest problem overall. Let's just make it about contracts, experience and character assassination.
Please show me the character assassination. Yes, the interior defense has been terrible. It has been noted, don't pretend like no one has said it. But also don't ignore that it is a new problem, from guys who are usually very solid. It's called a bad slump. DeMar's shot selection is a big problem - it may not be the main one right now, but it usually is, so I'm not going to forget about it just because others are struggling.

Sorry, but Jonas seriously has to get his head screwed back on straight. Amir needs to return to form. Salmons needs to see the court. And DeMar needs to forget about the stupid All-Star game along with the rest of us. It's pretty meaningless and that shit takes care of itself. But he would not be the first or the last to be effected by that crap during the slog days of the NBA.
Don't apologize. It's entirely true. But DeMar needs to do more than forget about the all-star game and take a closer look at his game. For a guy who watches so much tape to continuously take the shots he does (and say he likes those shots and they're just not falling in post-games) shows a remarkable lack of awareness for a guy upon whom so much of this team's success hinges. I hold DeMar to higher standards than other players, precisely because he has some pretty rare abilities that could really impact the team if he stopped throwing away possessions.

And Lowry has not always been ridiculous efficient at all, particularly in 4th quarters. He clearly is helped by not getting as contested thanks to defenses working to stop DeMar.
In Lowry's entire career, he has dropped below a TS% of .540 twice, with a .536 and .531 season. In DeMar's entire career, he has only ever had a TS% above .530 once - his rookie season.

Now if you'd like to show me where this comparison is that you want to shit all over me for, i'd be interested in responding. And I'll apologize for making up nonsense when i see what that nonsense is exactly. Are you saying the success of this team does not require all parts of the offense to provide something, and that the defense inside can just go away? Is that really nonsensical to you? It's just about contracts, past performance and counting pull-up jumpers, while blatantly ignoring a player's impacting all other parts of the game? Okee dokie.
Ignoring DeMar's other impacts on the game? I'm hard on his offense precisely because he floats so much in other areas of the game. His rebounding is decidedly bad for a SG (49th among all PG's and SG's in REB%), his passing has improved drastically of late (18.1 AST%, way above his career average, and he's still only 14th among all shooting guards in assists per 48), and although there aren't any reliable defensive stats, his defense has been sub-par his entire career and his improvements there have been incremental at best.

And yes, there are other problems. No one is denying that. I take issue with comparing a) the interior defense problem, a recent thing that comes from two of the most reliable and intense players on the team with b) DeMar's shooting and offensive role, which is ongoing for the past several years, has shown no improvement (terrible shooting is still terrible, terrible shot selection is still terrible).

Charlotte jumped all over this team, in spite of DeMar scoring and defending and rebounding and passing, while the bigs wasted possessions, turned it over, shit their pants, and let Al Jefferson eat lunch under the rim. Letting Jefferson get anywhere he wanted was inexcusable. Then compounding that by just fumbling and bumbling on the offensive end, well it does kind of put the backcourt in a not very promising position for 48 minutes. That is not in any way a comparison, or nonsense. But be sure to count the pull up jumpers, because that's what it's all about.
Yes, the bigs were terrible. I agree with that assessment. But again, I'm taking a long term view, and the problems that are consistently there bother me more than cold streaks and a few bad games from our historically effective big man core.

Originally Posted by bjjs View Post
Does a player's level of pay determine his level of responsibility on the court? They all get paid enough to be held responsible in my books.
Fair enough. Unfortunately, the reality is that a team can withstand having ineffective players on decent contracts, and can certainly take dealing with inexperience from a player on a rookie scale contract. It is much more difficult to build a team under the salary cap rules when you have players making large amounts of money and playing in ways that are not conducive to winning.

Originally Posted by JoeyJoJo Shabbadu View Post
And danh u have lost ur shit if u think demars mid range shooting is his problem.
What's his problem then? He has lots of problems, but the problem with his saving grace (his offense) is the midrange jumpers, and specifically his shot selection.
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