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Originally Posted by Thug View Post
True, but I interpreted that as being relevant to how we will finish the year this season.
hard to put a definition, with a gun to my head, anything between a 7th-10th spot in the east would be the closest.

the thing is, we could be 6th with 40 wins and an up and down play like we've seen over the past 2 weeks, and that would be a no man's land type of result.

In essence, no man's land is a team that can't, objectively speaking, compete for a title without major changes, while at the same time, not bad enough to get a top 5 pick. Despite what some would argue around here, drafting in the 6th-15th spot is very unlikely to bring you elite talent. If you draft long enough in that range, and you draft well, you may eventually construct a winner, but it may take 7 years like it did for Indiana.

The team we saw in December, if for real, can be argued that by adding a major piece is close to contending. And, as Dan explained, we would have the ability to both retain the core, and add that major piece. Lots of things would have to go right of course, but that's par for the course, no magic bullets exist in the nba.

So the question Masai has to answer (to himself) between now and middle of february is whether that team was true or false. Luckily for him (and for us), we have the perfect schedule to test with. Not insanely hard, not ridiculously easy either. A balanced sked, tilted a bit to the difficult side due to that west road trip. The team is no longer a novelty, people take us seriously now and give us full effort, we can't invoke the weak conference argument in this context and we can't blame complacency because last few games clearly shown what happens when we don't go 100%.

I am very confident that if we don't perform well over the next 3 weeks, lowry and demar and possibly amir will not be Raptors by the end of the summer and we'll compete for a top 5 pick next season. I am almost as confident that if we do perform well, at least 4 our starters will be on the roster next october, most likely all 5 of them.
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