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Originally Posted by moremilk View Post
just read this topic and see how many people are considering him a top big man? You are confusing overrated with "lots of media talks about him in the past week or so". But again, overrated vs underrated is tough to argue either way, since it's subjective to one's opinion. I see Gasol as the 3rd best PF in the game, after KG and Duncan, and if I'm right, Lakers should walk away with the title this season. However, most see Gasol as a pussy and a second-tier PF, not even in the same league with the likes of Bosh or Boozer ...
Bosh is better than Gasol.

I seriously doubt the Lakers become a Dynasty, HOWEVER, they now have an awesome lineup, point guard position aside. I also think they have a good chance at a championship this season.

Fisher, Kobe, Odom, Gasol, Bynum is an absolutely loaded team. Gasol is a great player; much like Bosh, though, he's a fantastic offensive player and not much on D. Fortunately for them, Bynum is bringing the D.

With that said, saying they'll be a dynasty is a bit of a knee jerk reaction, no? Wasn't Boston the dynasty, with three all-stars in their prime who want to win so badly? Now it's LA; in a week it will be Phoenix when the Shaq deal goes through and he tells everyone he's in the best shape since 2001 or whatever...

It's hard to predict the rest of the NBA season, let alone the next three. Maybe LeBron finally gets some help; maybe another former all-star goes to Detroit; Maybe the Mavs finally get a deal done, etc.
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