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Originally Posted by Bill Haverchuck View Post
When he said two summers from now, I think he meant 2015. Lots of people have been talking about our flexibility going into that summer.

This summer is the first summer and 2015 is the second. In that situation, JV and Ross will still have the team option years from their rookie contracts, so they'll be cheap. But, yes, Lowry and Amir will need to get paid if we keep them. It's hard to say what that will cost. Amir's cap hold will be for 10.5 million, and Lowry's cap hold for this summer is just over 9 mill. So let's say that their contracts that summer will be the cost of the cap hold, although they might actually be slightly lower or higher, with more money coming in later years through raises.

So....for summer 2015

Demar - $9.5 mill
JV - $4.7 mill
Ross - $ 3.6 mill
Novak - $3.8 mill

Plus projected 2015 salaries for Amir and Lowry (the per year might be higher or even lower; this is just a projection for that season)

Lowry - 9.5 mill
Amir - 10.5 mill

Assuming we make the playoffs this year, our pick will be outside the lottery and much cheaper. that's another efficient contract.
that's a total under $44 mill for 7 players, including the 2014 pick, although I suspect he'll have a few other guys signed up on efficient contracts like Hansbrough money or Patterson at MLE type money.

If the cap is up a bit, say, to over $60 mill. Then we can add a high quality player as soon as July 2015, if one wants to come. Winning now can help make that happen.

Also, once you have like 10+ mill in space, you can always shed a player if an all-star wants to come. If it came down to having Hansbrough and/or Patterson and a high quality $15 mill a year player, Ujiri will likely make a move to free the extra space to get that all-star. He might even be able to shed Novak before then, somehow.

The point is, there does appear to be some nice flexibility as early as 2015.
You also have to count a number of empty roster spots for whatever the amount is, and you assume we will only sign only one year contracts this summer, which probably means a lottery pick next summer too. That pick also counts against your cap.

If we end up with 12 million and you could probably get a good, not quite all star player for that. Not sure what good would that do, we already have a starting 5 full of good, not quite all stars ...
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