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Originally Posted by PacerFan
The Raps have quietly become a somewhat formidable team.
More importantly the way they are constructed, the way they WANT to play, is pretty much the game plan to beat the Pacers.

The Pacers greatest strength is protection. Inside and out. We "force" teams to take mid-range shots in traffic.
The Raps's who have neither great inside scoring or big time three point shooters LIVE on mid-range jumpers.

The quick little Lowery can get around GHill and create a pocket for either shooting or passing to their slashing wings.
An important guy for them is AJohnson. He doesn't fill the stat sheet but he sets very nice picks that free up the shooters just enough.
It may look to us like those guys are shooting over their heads, but that's just how they practice.

Many teams want to take it inside and our size forces them out of their game.
Toronto is a team that doesn't need to adjust to score against us.
Reminds me of the zodiac symbol of the two fish that cover the whole "court" without getting in each others way.

We must remember that their style of play has it's disadvantages as well.
They play in the mid-ranges because they don't really have a good inside scoring presence.
And they are a little thin in terms of quality bigs.

We just need do what we do.
Let the big dawg's eat early, and often.
Exploit our size and bulk advantage.
Amir has not the strength of DWest, and he can be foul prone.
Take it to him especially. Get him in foul trouble. If we can make them double West then WE have the open spaces for our style of play. And it's a lot closer to the rim than theirs!

Well executed, our game trumps theirs.
Talented and powerful big's are very hard to come by.
Not many teams can emulate what we do at our best and most other plans are inferior.

Where we normally fail is in trying to out-play the opponent "at their own game".
It's easy and fun to run up and down and stroke J's.
But that only wins if you are superior at that style.

When we enforce OUR style then that's all we leave THEM.
It's a shame that some times we do not.
We instead shoot opportunity jumpers.

Knock it off!

Take it down low.
Wear them out.
Foul them out.
Be patient.
Inside out, every time.
Make the extra pass.
Move... with out the ball.
Punish them with our size.

Like a football team with a strong ground game, by the forth quarter the enemy should feel ready for the ice pack and three days off.
You can mow right through them.

We are average at their game.

We are almost unbeatable at ours!
Wow this Pacer fan is serious.
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