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Smith: Possible Black & Gold color scheme coming?


With change afoot, how does black and gold suit you?

I know people who know people who know people (yeah, I have some great, great friends) and I’m throwing this out there just to see what the early reaction is.

You know how they are working on the “re-branding” of everything to do with the HOTH, right? Maybe new colours, maybe a new logo, maybe all kinds of things different for the 2015-16 season.

Well, how about this:

Black and gold.

Now, I’m not suggesting it’s a done deal and a lot of different people and companies are coming up with a lot of different looks and styles but I was told on the weekend that black and gold is definitely something being considered.

Good? Bad? Indifferent?

My immediate reaction was, as the kids say, “meh” because it’s not a colour scheme that makes me sit up and take notice and because I don’t really see anything wrong with the way things are right now.

And I would suggest that if one of Tim Leiweke’s great plans is to have the Raptors become “Canada’s team” that going away from red and white doesn’t make a whole lot of sense.

But black and gold are cliché and they are in vogue and they a radical change from the, let’s see, purple, red, white, black, camouflage, blue and I’m sure there are others that we’ve been subjected to over the years.

To repeat: This is by no means a done deal and there is still time for them to tinker and change and do whatever they have in this grandiose to re-invent the organization.

But I’ll throw this out there once again, knowing full well I’ll bring it up every time we talk about this “re-brand.”

The best change they can make is go from losing franchise to winning; colours and logos and brands be damned. They want good things for the franchise? Win games.

I understand completely that marketing is big and that selling t-shirts and jerseys and jackets and whatever is important and it’s a way to line the pockets of the organization, the league and by extension the players who share in the Basketball Related Income that funds the salary portion of the collective bargaining agreement.

But the big picture? The big picture is success on the court.

And if you’re looking at away-from-the-game tweaks that help in different ways, here are two:

Fix the utter mess that is the TV and radio schedules, where there are too many channels, too many voices, too many looks; there is no consistency and if you want fans outside of the city to glom on to the team, putting it somewhere that’s consistent would be a good idea.

They could also spend some time suggesting that they plan to, you know, try and win. The subliminal message from upper management that they wouldn’t mind taking a few giant steps back instead of trying to make incremental moves up makes no sense to me.

Colours? Big whoop. Re-branding? Yawn.

Red, black and white? Fine with me. Black and gold? Might look good, might not; won’t matter a whit if they’re 25-57.

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