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Originally Posted by Ball Don't Lie View Post
Its not that hard to tank, once Lowry is gone we'll be terrible, its pretty simple actually.

If MU doesn't trade Lowry in favor of being a .500 team and being a 3 seed, then we're going to miss out on an opportunity to get good value for a hot commodity who isn't going to be back with the team next year. And if you think he will be, you're short sighted. There's no way MU re signs Lowry for 8-10 million and basically caps out the team with this core and roster, it's just not going to happen.

I think Masai really has until mid January to make his decision on what to do with this team since our schedule becomes a lot easier at that point in time, and it's going to be near impossible to get into the bottom 3 of tanks if he waits until mid FEB to trade Lowry.

I'm still on the tank wagon. I dont care how terrible the East is, its in our best interest to get a top pick this year and get value back for Lowry while we can. Otherwise we're just staying on the yearly treadmill that 75% of fans now want to be on because we've won a few games since the Rudy team.

News flash, the roster still sucks, and the 3 seed with this roster is fools gold.
Every day the tank weakens unfortunately. KL and Amir are still here. Horford being out for a while. Lopez out. NYK being NYK. Boston not caring less about this division.

MU has to make a decision at some point about KL and every game KL plays here the tank is stalled/weakened. Like you say - if he does extend KL then this is a capped out team next year. There's no way he just hopes he resigns. I do agree that once/if he's traded for whatever, the team will take a huge hit - will the team get a top 5 pick because of it - not impossible but very hard.

I have no faith in this team as constructed will guarantee a playoff series victory, even if it somehow gets 4th or even 3rd. Thus, reinforcements will be needed to maintain a 4th seed or to claim 3rd, and guarantee 1 playoff round before decimation and a reality check at the hands of the Heat or Indiana. However, as we all know, 99.99% of the time, reinforcements = less financial flexibility. I hope that MU will not handicap the team's flexibility by say, dealing Salmons for a guy making 8-9 million for the next 2-3 years and by extending KL to 7-10 million for the next 3-4 years.

Will be interesting to see this all play out but once again it looks more and more likely that this team will lose out on the opportunity to gain a franchise player. I hope being the Hawks or Bucks is not in store for this team for the next few years.
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