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I think the notion that Lowry will be part of our core going forward is extremely unlikely and almost unimaginable at this point. If you really think we're going to retain him in the off season I don't think you've paid attention to our cap situation and the state of the team really. I think the chances he's re-signed in the off season is less than 1%.

In comparison to the other guys you mentioned, the Bulls have stood behind their ongoing stance of wanting to keep Deng going forward, and he's been with the team since being drafted.

Rondo, the entire Nets squad, and Ilyasova are locked into long term deals, and the likelyhood that they stay with their current teams is high due to many factors(Nets situation is all contract related, Ilyasovas is his health, and with Rondo, BOS wont trade him unless its for full value, and that'll come down to health, much like Ilyasova.

The Cavs wont trade Bennett this early and admit a mistake(which may not even be a mistake, people overreacting as usual) unless theyre blown away with an offer., which isnt going to happen at this point anyway.

Waiters could be traded, but hes a second year player who has actually played well this year, and the reports of him being traded have obviously all been rumors that may never happen. I think he's more likely to play out his rookie contract than getting traded at this point.

Gortat is the closest of anyone you listed to being in the same boat as Lowry since hes in the last year of his deal, but I listed him because they traded for him this year knowing his contract situation, thus it being more likely that theyre going to re sign him since they gave up their pick for him. I was debating putting him in, but its slightly different.

In this topic though, I'm going on the likely notion that Lowry will be gone either by the deadline or in the off season. If(when) this is the case, we'll be left with the core as mentioned, so please discuss as such.

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