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I think the idea is bad. I purpose they do this on live TV:

- Every team gets one ball and we see Silver mark down each team name on one ball a piece and throw them all into the ball-popping bin.

- Next, ball-popping bin is turned on to mix up all the balls. After approx 1 min the machine is turned off. During this period Silver is to be blind folded with multiple items, like clothing, garbage bags, don't really care just something to make sure he can't see a thing. He is banned from wearing any ear piece.

- Silver walks up to the ball bin, turns his back to the bin and reaches back to pick out a ball. The ball with the team name on it is shown and the vice president reads it out. Do this 30 times for the first round and then throw all the balls back in a repeat the process. The key is everything has to be on live TV, no behind the scenes bullshit.

Now I know people will say it's not fair if a great team gets the first pick, but this really is the only way to make everything even for every team.

All players wanting to enter the draft must agree to enter the NBA draft 1 day before the ball selection takes place, that way no player knows what team is going to get the first pick. This prevents players from staying an extra year in college in hopes of a big market team getting the 1st pick and selecting them.

In regards to cleaning up the playoff standings, it's simple, just have the top 8 teams in each conference make the playoffs. None of this, you need at least one team from each division representing in the playoffs. It should just be top 8 teams in the East and top 8 teams in the West. Your playoff number depends on your record. Tie breakers are done based on the two teams head to head meetings, so if LA beat the Suns 3-1 in the 4 game series in the season then they would get in the playoffs because they won the tie breaker. If both teams are tied 2-2 in the season series then it goes to total points in the 4 games combined. Which ever teams has the highest point total moves on.
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