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ok this trade has us taking on big contracts, but we get picks.

Trade 1
Amir and Novak to the Rockets
Asik to Toronto

Trade 2
Asik to the Thunder
Perkins + OKC 1st and Mavs 1st to toronto

Trade 3
Lowry and Patterson to Chicago
Boozer and Bobcats 1st + Chi 1st to Toronto.

Rockets give up asik who isnt doing much because of dwight and get not only Amir, who will compliment Howard, but also novak who can play 10-15 min and stretch the floor

Thunder get a Center who could help them dominate all the way to the finals, something they have been missing. They also get rid of Perkins contract, and give up their late 1st and the dallas first round pick.

They are desperate for a pg, Kirk played horrible today, and are looking at people like DJ. Lowry would thrive in that system, and patterson is servicable at the 4 spot. They also get rid of boozers contract, give up their pick which would be pick 24 or later probably, and the bobcats pick, which would be between 15-20 if they make the playoffs. We could luck out and get a pick 11-14 if they dont make the playoffs.

This might put us at the cap, but I believe masai can move these players for smaller pieces next summer if need be. But we also get lots of picks, and it puts us in the tank.

We end up giving up:
Amir, Lowry, Novak, Patterson

Bobcats 1st, Boozer, Chi 1st, Perkins, OKC 1st, Dallas 1st.

That is 5 first round picks this year including ours. Lets says cats get the 15th pick, OKC gets the 27th pick, Mavs get the 23rd pick and Chi gets the 24th pick. We can probably combine those for the 10 pick.

Lets say we get lucky and do get wiggins, and use the 10th pick on aaron gordon.

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